ChMeetings updates for July 2021

ChMeetings updates for July 2021

It’s already August, and we can’t believe it’s been a month since our last product update. Time sure does fly… On the flipside, though, July has been a very productive month for our team. 

We’re excited to share the features we’ve deployed this month, so please read on to get up to speed with what’s new. 


Paid Events

When enabling event registration, you can now charge for event participation, using the new Paid Events feature. Payments can be collected from members, either online, via PayPal or Stripe; or face to face, in cash.

Chmeetings - paid events by PayPal or Stripe


Diocese Management

Our Diocese Management plan has been available for a while, but we wanted to improve by creating a dedicated Diocese page that better explains it to you. 

In a nutshell, ChMeetings allows you to manage an entire Diocese, from record-keeping, event management or communication, to contributions, memberships, reporting, and more. The Diocese can organize data across churches, but the churches themselves are autonomous and can manage their own members, settings, funds or reports. 

Chmeetings - Mobile app

New & Improved Reports

There are quite a few improvements we’ve made to the Reports module. 

Chmeetings - New & Improved Reports


Improved Account Settings, Forms & People Search

  • There is a new option within Settings > Account Settings that allows you to choose whether to require new users to change their passwords when they first log into their accounts. 
  • When you click the options button of a form, there is now a View Form option that lets you view a form without having to use its link.
  • The People advanced search now has a filter called Photo, which allows you to find people who either have a profile picture or they don’t. 

Improved Account Settings, Forms & People Search

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