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4.9 out of 5.0 (Based on 500+ reviews)

Trusted by over 6,000 churches and dioceses around the world

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Trusted by over 6,000 churches and ministries

Why Should You Choose ChMeetings?

Chmeetings helps in transferring your data for free

We’ll Transfer Your Data For Free

If you subscribe to any paid plan, we’ll import your data for free into ChMeetings, no matter where you have it now. If you want to do it yourself, we have the tools to help you set your account up quickly and easily.

gdpr privacy security - Church Management Software

GDPR-Ready And Secure

ChMeetings applies industry best practices and standards to ensure data security, including SSL, daily encrypted backups, granular user permissions, and more. We are also GDPR-compliant and certified within the EU Data Privacy Framework.

mobile supported languages - Church Management Software

Available In Your Language

ChMeetings is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Portuguese, and more! We continuously work with volunteers to support more languages. If your language is not supported yet, contact us to add it.

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Mobile App For Admins And Members

Everyone at church can use ChMeetings on the go, using our mobile app, for Android and iOS. The app allows all admins and members to stay tuned, send or receive notifications and messages, view, manage or register for events, and more, all according to their roles.

All You Need To Run Your Church

Effectively Track and Organize Members and Groups

Build a Church Database With Members and Groups
Whatever your church size, ChMeetings helps you effectively  store groups’ and members’ data in an accessible and user-friendly church database. Our advanced search feature allows you to easily access data and turn them into actionable reports at any time.

Collect & Track Pledges & Donations

With ChMeetings, anyone can pledge and donate to your church online or offline, one time or recurrently, using various payment methods. Tools such as dedicated cards for your church page, custom links, or donation options during events make giving accessible for anyone in your community.

Manage, Share and Track Church Events

Organize any church event you can imagine – free or paid, public or private, one-time or recurring. ChMeetings gives you the tools to plan events, assign managers, schedule volunteers, manage child check-in, and track attendance. Share events using your Calendar and gain insights from dedicated reports.

Volunteer Scheduling

Increase the size and reach of your church events with volunteers. With ChMeetings you can schedule volunteers for your events and assign them to specific dates and roles, one-time, or repeatedly. Create signup sheets to allow people to assign themselves to their preferred date and role. Email volunteers, send them the schedule, or send reminders via email or push notifications.

Service Planning

Organize church service more efficiently with Service Planning. You can create easy-to-follow plans, and add scripture, songs, notes, and more. Everything is organized into sections and items you can move around as needed. Create plan templates to use later and print your plans to keep track of your work or provide attendees with handouts.

Communicate, Follow Up, Outreach

A great way to communicate with and follow up on old or new church members and groups. Quickly select members to send SMS, create follow up activities or add to groups.

Manage Accounting

The Accounting module acts as a church accounting software that lets you manage church finances in the same place as other operations. Add transactions, accounts, funds, categories, and payees to keep track of your church income or expense streams. Create and track budgets to keep financial resources in check; and perform reconciliation to ensure accurate records. Generate insightful reports to monitor your financial standing, all without having to be an accounting expert or buy complicated church accounting software.

The #1 Choice Of Church Leaders

Frame 48098431 - Church Management Software

4.9 out of 5.0 (Based on 500+ reviews)

Church Leaders Reviews

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Your Branded Church App Is Just A Couple Of Clicks Away

Bring your church closer to people with a branded church app, powered by ChMeetings.


Use your church logo as the app icon so people can easily identify you in app stores and on their phone.


People will see it when creating and logging into their member accounts.


Rather than seeing the ‘ChMeetings’ name, people will see your church name.


This is separate from ChMeetings, and people can find you by searching for your app name.

Discover Our Support Advantage

Free, premium support:

We believe that excellent customer support should not be a privilege. It is our duty to assist you as our valued customer; and we are happy to do so. Whether you prefer to call, chat with us or submit a support ticket, our team of experts is available to help you make the most of ChMeetings. No extra charges, no hidden fees, just a genuine willingness to be here for you.

Free training and documentation

Good software training and documentation are key to your success as the user. At ChMeetings, we invest time and effort into providing free onboarding training and creating clear, easy-to-understand guides. We do our best to help church servants and members navigate the platform with ease, so your church can thrive rather than struggle.


With church management software such as ChMeetings, you can run essential church operations such as storing member information, communications management, event and volunteer organization, appointment scheduling, giving collection, task automation, accounting, and more. Check out our features above to learn more!

You can get started in a couple of minutes, for free, by signing up for a free 14-day trial. You get a fully-featured demo account containing sample data that you can use to try various features. No credit card is required, so you won’t get charged automatically when the trial ends. Give ChMeetings a try. If you feel overwhelmed, we are here to help you take the first steps, with a live demo.

Our pricing is always available on the dedicated Pricing page, where you can learn more about the available plans.

Yes, ChMeetings is a cross-platform solution. You can use the web version on Windows and MacOS computers, and our mobile app can be downloaded from both Google Play (Android) and Apple App Store (iOS).

Yes, you can create color-coded calendars which you can share as public links or embed on your website. Read our dedicated help guide to learn more.

Your and your members’ data is as secure as current technologies allow us to make it. Here are our security measures, in a nutshell:

  • We host our services on Microsoft Azure in the United States;
  • All connections are encrypted using SSL;
  • Data is backed up daily;
  • We audit and log all data changes within our users’ databases;
  • Users can enable 2-factor authentication and account administrators can force the use of strong passwords;
  • We are GDPR-compliant and certified within the EU Data Privacy Framework;
  • We work with secure payment processors – PayPal and Stripe.

Learn more about our Security measures.

ChMeetings provides various ready-made reports that leaders can access within a dedicated module. It’s easy to view the reports in-app and export them to Excel, so they can be used externally to gain further insight. Learn more about ChMeetings Reports.

The branded app is a ChMeetings-based, customized mobile app that you can order for your church. It lets you have your own church app, listed separately on Google Play and Apple App Store, under the name of your church. Visit our Branded App page to learn more.

ChMeetings offers Dioceses the option to manage all churches centrally, under the same account, while allowing church autonomy. Dioceses can also choose to have a private database for increased performance; as well as a custom domain name to host their members’ app. Compared to a church account, a diocese account offers a more cost-effective manner to manage multiple churches in a centralized manner. Visit our Diocese page to learn more.