ChMeetings Q2 2019 Updates

ChMeetings Q2 2019 Updates

April, May and June 2019 Updates

What’s new?

We have been very busy these past few months, making big changes to the ChMeetings application to include several feature updates across all platforms (web, Android and iOS).

All updates are built by Servants for Servants.

Countries, Cultures and Time Zones

ChMeetings now supports ALL countries, cultures and time zones in the world! Your time zone will be set automatically when you select the country and state you are in. You can easily change your time zone by going to Settings >General Settings.

Date, time, phone and address format and map are based on your country, culture and time zone.

Easy Manager for Large Churches/Ministries with Many Services

You can now easily manage multiple services by dividing your church into multiple ministries manned by assigned users. Each assigned user will have his own roles/permission only for the members of his service.

You can also easily access and review the dashboard for the main church account OR dashboards for other services/ministries within the church.

That’s not all, you have the ability to copy/move members from different ministries within your church.

See an example of a Church with multiple services/ministries below

Chmeetings - Church divided into multiple ministries

Mobile Updates

Mobile is the king. Therefore, we’re always looking for ways to optimize the ChMeetings experience on all mobile devices. Here are some important updates we’ve made to the mobile version:

  • Import contacts from mobile.
  • Share member contact info.
  • Send push notification to all servants in your church/ministry.
  • Better stability and user interface improvements.

Other updates

Here’s a rundown of other important updates we’ve made!

  • Now you can see the groups attendance charts in the report of the recurring event.
  • You can export attendance recurring reports to PDF.
  • Set Service Logo.
  • Display the upcoming events in the dashboard.
  • Bulk update the data of members.
  • SMS Gateway integration with known providers like Twilio and Infobip.
  • Improvements in displaying the address on Google maps.
  • General performance improvements, user interface updates, and some bug fixes.

General notes

We are frequently updating the application across platforms to make it easier to use. The updates are done every 1-2 weeks but bug fixes are released as soon as they’re fixed.

All updates are based on servants’ needs to improve the app for better, vibrant and easier services. We thank all the servants who contribute to the app by leaving feedbacks or reporting bugs. Keep up the good work!

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