ChMeetings Updates for February 2024

This February, the ChMeetings Team worked on improving your and your communities’ experiences, both online and in church. We’re thrilled to share the new features with you below.


Service Planning

The Service Planning feature that we released on February 1st, but announced with our previous updates, has been enhanced with the ability to edit and delete template names, as well as to download as .pdf or share the plan as a direct link, on Facebook or Twitter/X, or via Email. 



When organizing recurring monthly events, you can now configure the starting date to be any day of the month rather than the first weekday as it was previously. 

In addition, when organizing paid events for which you have enabled the Pay Later option which allows people to register online without paying immediately, you can select Transfer as the payment method. This is useful to correctly track payments that people make via bank transfer. You can find this option in your event’s People and Tickets > Payment section.


Branded App

We’ve enhanced the experience for branded app users by adding the option to set the in-app  menu visibility for the blog and the giving feature, for both guests and members. This can be done from Member Portal > Builder > Menu Setup.


Other Updates

Here are the other features we’ve improved this month: 

  1. When building forms, you can set the minimum and maximum number of selections in the checkbox field.
  2. File attachments in People profiles and Forms can now be 10MB instead of 5MB.  
  3. You can grant Group Leaders permission to delete the events they have created.
  4. We added a count for families and households to the Geographical Distribution Report.

We hope that these new features have a positive impact on your work and community. We welcome your feedback and invite you to read our Release Notes for more frequent updates. 

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