ChMeetings updates for September 2021

September is over and again, it has been a month full of improvements we’ve made to better serve you, our amazing community.

So, we’re very happy to let you know what’s new this month in ChMeetings.

Developer API (Early access)

We’re most excited to release our very first version of the Developer API, which you can use to create dashboards and reports based on people data. We’ll continuously improve it with new features, so please feel free to give us feedback. 

New features in the People module

  • A brand new Online Member Directory that allows your members to see each other’s name, contact details and other information. You can choose whether to enable this feature and what information you make accessible. 
  • The print version of the Member Directory comes with additional features and a preview.
  • There’s now a one-click option for you to send texts, emails and mobile notifications to everyone on your list who allows emails / texts and who are logged into the mobile app. 

Improved events

There are several updates that will make it easier for you to manage your events and to retrieve related information. 

  • There is now an export that includes event payments within Event > People and Tickets. This export now includes the total paid, remaining amount and payment date. 
  • The Attendance Report now comes with a Bulk Actions button that gives you quick access to several communication and management features, just like in the People module. 
  • You can convert event guests to people, right from within People & Tickets.
  • People Advanced Search now contains a Calendar filter under the Events section. 
  • The Google Calendar sync now includes the event description. 

MailChimp Integration per church, for Diocese accounts

IF you have a Diocese account, you can now integrate every church with MailChimp, for improved email communication and marketing. 

Other updates

We have tweaked quite a few other details that, we hope, will make a difference for you and your community. Here they are:

  • New language: Portuguese. 
  • Accessibility improvements for images: The banner images that you can attach to events and forms now come with an Alt Text option. You can use this to add a text description of the image you add, which will make it accessible to the blind. 
  • You can now add Instagram to Important Links, within Member Access.
  • Additional contact options on the Groups page: We have added options to Text, Email, and Send Push Notifications directly from the Groups page. This allows you to easily get in touch with the people within the selected Group.

As always, we would be very grateful for any feedback or suggestions you may have. Please, feel free to get in touch and let us know.

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