Smart technology for diocesan communities.

ChMeetings’ Diocese Account facilitates record-keeping, event management, communication, contributions, memberships, reporting and more, for your entire Diocese. Everything is easy to organize in one place: efficiently, and cost-effectively.

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Why Choose a Diocese Account?

It’s cost-effective

You only pay for one account per Diocese, rather than multiple ones for each church.

You can customize it

You can use your own domain, and opt for our branded mobile app – which also only requires one subscription for the entire Diocese. Each church can have its own name and logo, and people in your congregation can easily select their church when signing up as members.

Everything is in one place

All of your churches, along with their own people, communication, events, contributions, etc. are stored within the same database, dedicated to your Diocese. This increases your efficiency, improves the quality of your data, simplifies processes and streamlines your overall Diocese management.

Churches are autonomous

Church Admins can manage their own churches, but don’t need to have access to others. Each church can register members, purchase text/voice credits and communicate separately, manage its own events, collect contributions, or add their own integrations.

It’s well-organized and secure

Your account comes with a hierarchical structure (Diocese, Churches, Ministries, Groups). Each level has dedicated access settings and security features. The users with Diocese level access can manage all of the others, while those with access to a specific church, ministry or group can be restricted to their own area of responsibility.

It empowers people to build a community

It’s almost like having your very own social media platform. Congregation members can gain collective understanding of the features they need, they can help each other out, and even contribute to management when you’re low on resources.

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Ability to
send texts, emails and
push notifications

Open access
and ticketed events

Custom forms for
data collection

Unlimited memberships
for your congregation

Contributions collection,
online and offline

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