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ChMeetings’ Diocese Account facilitates record-keeping, event management, communication, contributions, memberships, reporting and more, for your entire Diocese. Everything is easy to organize in one place: efficiently, and cost-effectively.
ChMeetings’ Diocese Account
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Dioceses account

Why Choose a Diocese Account?

Diocese accounts are especially designed for diocesan communities, providing numerous benefits compared to a standard ChMeetings Church account. Learn more about the differences.

More Cost-Effective

More Cost-Effective

You only pay for and manage one account per Diocese, rather than multiple accounts for each church. This reduces cost, especially for large Dioceses.

Centralized Diocese Management

Dioceses can efficiently manage multiple locations and large congregations using a single account, featuring central management and church autonomy. Each church acts as a sub-account, with independent administration and configuration. Diocese Admins have access to all churches to communicate with people and run reports. Optionally, the Branded Mobile App provides a custom online platform for the entire Diocese.
Centralized Diocese Management
Church Autonomy

Church Autonomy

Each church operates independently, with its own Admin, name, logo, custom fields, in-app settings, members and Member Access settings, text service packages, payment providers, third party integrations and API.

Flexible Structure and Security

The Diocese account includes a hierarchical structure: Diocese, Churches, Ministries, Groups. Each level comes with dedicated access and security features. Users with Diocese level access enjoy the highest access level, while users assigned to a church are restricted to the respective church.
Flexible Structure and Security

						Special Features for Large Dioceses

Special Features for Large Dioceses:

- Private database for improved performance and security.
- Dedicated domain.
Great features

Enjoy all of the great features offered by ChMeetings.

Free migration

Free migration

Multiple languages

Multiple languages

Data management

Data management tools

People profile

People profiles

Text email notification

Ability to send texts, emails and push notifications

Tickted events

Open access and ticketed events


Custom forms for data collection

Unlimited membership

Contributions collection, online and offline

Unlimited memberships

Unlimited memberships for your congregation


Insightful, actionable reports

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