About Us

ChMeetings was launched in 2018 and brought to you by Jios Apps Inc, a software company based in the USA. Our team cares about helping churches and supporting their services through technology. We hope to improve the relationship between churches and members and are continuously working towards finding innovative tools that help servants perform their duties more effectively.

Our Partnership with Churches

ChMeetings started from the desire of servants to help churches better fulfill their mission. Our founder and most developers serve in Youth or Couples’ Ministry or Sunday School. This helps our team keep in touch with our communities and gain a first-hand understanding of their needs and challenges. As our platform has grown, we have also had the opportunity to collaborate with churches worldwide. We now develop new features based on church suggestions, we implement their most needed languages and compliance requirements, and we value responsive, high-quality support services. Today, ChMeetings grows together with the churches we serve. We are grateful and humbled by the community around us. We acknowledge and value them as contributors to our success.