About Us

Founded in 2011 and located in Heliopolis Cairo, Jios development is a software company in the field of software development. We have been providing technical consultation and outsourcing services to large US companies specialized in mobile applications development, cloud services, custom application development and more; with an excessive focus on the area of church services. Our highly capable team of developers care much about helping churches and supporting their services through technology. We are in continuous work on finding innovative tools to be used in churches to help servants perform their duties in a dynamic way. our work created lots of products in this field including, but not only, the following:

  • Anba-abram.com (Father Dawod Lamie): It is the official website for the service of Anba Abraam, a service devoted on helping poor people in villages and slum areas.
  • Stpaul-schools.com: Website contains all the lectures of St. Paul School Service
  • Christianitplanet.com A website we designed that contains all the materials being used at church services such as Christian programs, hymns, etc.
  • ChMeeting.com: It is a tool designed to help fathers and servants with managing their services; servants can save attendance and meetings details, manage church trips and save follow ups with church people. This website is available in English and Arabic.

Our dedication is to develop innovative tools that help make church services even more powerful and effective. We believe we have a role in improving the relationship between servants and church people through technology which we consider our core job.

The products we provided proved being useful and are being used by a number of church servants and fathers serving a large number of members in churches in Egypt and abroad as well!

We always look forward to hearing from you! Just click on the chat button below, type what you want to tell us and our team would love to answer you.