Jesus Meeting


We as church servants need a system for organizing our meetings specially the administrative issues (attendance , followup , etc) which is not less important than the spiritual matters. This is essential in order to improve our service and support our members

The website can be used to register the data of the meetings (including servants and members) ,record the attendance and also saving future meeting schedules and trips dates. Also it is possible to send SMS to the members for followup. The system includes the ability to create custom reports and provides easy way for searching.

The website is characterized by several features like the ability to hold an infinite number of members ,the ability to export the reports to Excel , the support of different types of devices and the high security of the system.

CoreFeatures Core features included in all plans.

Pricing Competitive pricing plans to suit your needs

Up to 200 members


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Up to 250 members


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Up to 500 members

40.00LE /Month

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Up to 1000 members

60.00 LE /Month

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SMS service: costs 0.2 LE / message.

Please call 01286400958 to arrange the suitable way of payment.