Release Notes

Chmeetings 2021.27 – October 19, 2021


Mandatory event payment

Event payments are now mandatory to complete the registration, if you have configured a payment gateway. To allow participants to be able to register and pay later, simply enable the Pay Later option. When later payments are enabled, the participant can reopen their registration and pay anytime later, or pay in cash – in which case an admin updates the payment.

All people profile fields are now available for text messages

When sending a text message, you can now add any field from people’s profiles, whether default or custom. When adding a field to a message, the data corresponding to that field will be automatically filled according to the person you’re communicating with.

Chmeetings 2021.26 – October 13, 2021


Recurring giving
Your congregation members can now contribute recurrently, via PayPal or credit card. (As an admin, you can manage recurring payments via PayPal or Stripe.) This feature will be made available to members while making an online contribution. Church admins with access to online giving administration will be able to view all recurring contributions as well.

Communicate with parents or children without access to people data
It is now possible to allow church admins to communicate with parents or children without them having access to the people’s data at all. This can be achieved by giving them permission to communicate with parents/children (from Users & Roles > Roles & Permissions. When sending an email, SMS or push notifications, admins can choose to send to parents or children instead of all people.

Envelopes import tool
The Tools menu now includes an envelope importer. This will export the people list and will allow you to add envelope numbers to then import back into ChMeetings.



Events improvements
For events that are already created, you can now update the start date to an earlier one, as well as the groups associated with the event.
There are new options to set the event as full day or multi day. For multi-day events, you can also add sessions for each day, so you can keep the event agenda.

Digitally signed forms (paid accounts)
You can now attach a digital signature field to your forms so that members can sign them before submitting. This is great if you’d like to use ChMeetings to create legally binding documents. This feature is only available for paid accounts.

Chmeetings 2021.25 – September 29, 2021


Improved exports for event payments

When you export attendance data for a particular event, from People & Tickets > Payments, the export file now also includes the total Paid and Remaining amounts, as well as the payment date.


Bulk Actions in the Attendance Report

The Attendance Report has been improved with the addition of a Bulk Actions button, where you can access options related to communication, bulk updates, groups management, etc; just like in the People module.


New Calendars filter in People > Advanced Search

When using the Advanced Search feature within the People module, you can now filter your search by Calendars. This option is available under the “Events” section.


Include event descriptions when syncing to Google Calendar

When you sync your events with Google Calendar, their description will be included as well.


Configure MailChimp per church in the Diocese account

Diocese account users can now configure MailChimp separately, for each of their churches. This option can be found in Settings > Integrations, for every church account.


Smart follow-up for texts and whatsapp messages

When sending someone a message via text or WhatsApp, you can now add a follow-up right away. As soon as you send the message, an option will pop up for you to add a follow up for the member you just contacted.


Chmeetings 2021.24 – September 15, 2021


Developer API

You can now connect ChMeetings to your custom apps, or to any external app that supports an API integration. You can enable the feature from Settings > Integrations > API Integration. For now, the API can pull People data and connect ChMeetings to reporting and dashboard apps. We will be adding more features, on ongoing basis.

This feature is only available for paid accounts.



Convert Guest to Person from the People & Tickets page of an event

Now that guests can be registered to events, it was time to make it easy to add them to your People list. This can be achieved from the People & Tickets page of the event that the guest has attended. Once a guest is converted to a Person, they will have a ChMeetings profile.


Accessibility improvements for images

You can now add Alt Text to banner images in Forms and Events. This can be used to provide details about the image and make them accessible to blind members.


Chmeetings 2021.23 – September 8, 2021


Online Member Directory
Your members can now be visible to each other, if you choose to enable the Online Member Directory. This is available within the Member Access module and allows you to set the following:

  • Whether people can see each other if they are in the same church account or in the same group.
  • What groups are visible to members.
  • What profile fields are visible between members.

One-click email, text or mobile notifications to all people.

We have added icons at the top of the People grid, which allow you to easily send emails, text messages or mobile notifications to all people in one go.



Print Directory Improvements
We have added an option to hide the mobile phone, email and address. There is now a preview as well.

Chmeetings 2021.22 – September 1, 2021


New Language: Portuguese

ChMeetings can now be displayed in 10 languages, with the addition of Portuguese.



Added Instagram to Important Links

We have added Instagram to the Important Links section in Member Access.

Additional contact options on the Groups page

We have added options to Text, Email, and Send Push Notifications directly from the Groups page. This allows you to easily get in touch with the people within the selected Group.

Chmeetings 2021.21 – August 17, 2021


Search for the children or parents of specific people
You can now search for the children or parents of specific people, using the Advanced Search feature, within the People module. This is a simple way to find and communicate to the parents of specific children, or vice versa, for example based on groups or other criteria, such as age.



Export the Events Registration Log Report
There is now an Export option within the Events Registration Log Report, which lets you download an Excel file that contains all the information provided by the report.

Chmeetings 2021.20 – August 10, 2021


Guests can be registered for events

This release focuses on enabling guests to be registered for events. You can find the new feature in the event editor, under Registration > Enable Guests.

This feature is only available for paid accounts.


Guests need to be registered by a member, who can simply fill out their guests’ name, email and mobile number. Here is a quick demo of the registration process:


Guests will be listed in the events’ People & Tickets list, as well as in the Event Registration Log Report. You can tell who is a guest when their name is not linked to a ChMeetings profile.


This feature is available for both free and paid events, but only when event registration is enabled.


Chmeetings 2021.19 – August 5, 2021


New Mobile Menu

We have created a new mobile menu, for better and quicker navigation, for everyone using ChMeetings (Owners, Admins, Group Leaders, Members). The new menu is accessible from the bottom of the app screen.

For admins, the new menu includes the following tabs: Dashboard, People, Groups, Notifications and More (which opens up the main menu). For members, the menu includes. Home, My Profile, Notifications, and a More option, which takes them to the full app menu.




Show Payments log in the event registration log report

The Event Registration Log Report now contains an Amount column, which shows how much has been paid for a specific registration. This is useful when you want to quickly retrieve a list of registrations and their payment status, or when you are working with cash and want to track paid and unpaid amounts.


The email and mobile phone are now considered when importing contributions 

The Import Giving tool now considers the email address and mobile phone, in case there are multiple people with the same name. This helps associate contributions with the right person.


QR card preview and background color 

When exporting people to create a QR Card, you can now see a preview of what it looks like, according to the options you enable. You can also now choose the background color of the card.


Additional Events settings

You can now configure how events appear to your members. You can enable or disable event visibility from pending members, and set the number of days for which the homepage should display upcoming events.


Confirmation email in form settings

When configuring a form, you can now enable a confirmation email that members will receive after submitting this form. The email message is fully customizable, using our editor. You can also automate some of the information within the email, using the following merge fields: First Name, Last Name, Email and Form Name.

Chmeetings 2021.18 – July 19, 2021


Paid events
You can now organize paid events via ChMeetings. When enabling registration, you can also enable ticket payments. The available methods are: Cash (manual collection), PayPal and Stripe, via our integrations. 

You can find the feature when creating or editing an event, under the Registration section of the event editor.


You can add different ticket types and/or different price points, which members can choose from. 


Event admins have a new section People & Tickets to show the tickets and the paid and remaining amounts. Admins can update the payment.


Registrations can be completed without submitting a payment – members can pay later (in cash or online).


Follow Up Statistics Report

This report shows the Follow Ups that are done or not done, per ministry and per group. It can be found in Reports > Statistical Reports.


Ask for password change at the first login

We have added an option to disable the “Ask for password change at the first log-in” in Settings > Account Settings.

Chmeetings 2021.17 – July 8, 2021



New Event Registration Log Report

This new report is available in the paid version only and allows you to see all registration and cancellation logs within a particular time range. The report can be filtered by Status (registered or cancelled), Time Range, User and Person. Clicking the number of people will reveal a list of the people who have generated that log entry.



View forms faster

There is now a View Form option which allows you to quickly view a form without having to copy the link then open the form in a separate tab.


Search for people by the photo field

There is a new advanced search filter in the People module, called Photo”, which allows you to find people who either have a profile picture or they don’t.


More actions in the Family Report

There are new actions available within the Family Report (Add to Groups, Remove from Groups and Add to Ministry) These actions are available at the family level and apply to all family members.


Log reports section

We have improved the organization of our reports by creating a Log Reports section. The reports listed here are only available to paid subscribers.



  • We have fixed an issue in the calendar that prevented the last occurrence from displaying in some timezones.
  • We have also fixed the Access Log Report export, which was not working correctly.

Chmeetings 2021.16 – June 23, 2021


Ability to add an image and a description to recurring event occurrences

You can now add an image and a description at the occurrence level, for recurring events. This allows you to have a general image and description for the entire event, but also edit them for specific occurrences where you may need them to be more targeted.


Event registration form

When people register for ticketed events, you can now ask them to fill out a form before completing their registration. This can be achieved by creating a form from the Forms module, then selecting it when creating the event. Every time when an Owner, Admin or Group Leader wants to register a member; or a member wants to register themselves for an event, they will be required to fill out the form you have selected.

In addition, you can see the form that everyone submitted, by going to the People list corresponding to your event. From the options button next to each registered person, you can access View Submissions, which takes you to their form submission area. From here, you can have access to the usual form options, such as updating the person’s profile, or unlinking them from the form. Read more about working with form submissions.


Smart follow up

When you call someone from the mobile app, then come back again to our app after ending the call, you will see a pop-up asking if you want to log a follow up for this member. The app will automatically set the member, follow up type, date/time and will let you add notes or click Save


Add family members to follow ups

You now have the option to include family members when creating follow ups. Simply select a person when creating the follow up, and you will see the option to include their family members. The feature is available when creating a follow up from within a profile in the People section. It is not yet available from within the Follow Ups module. 


Forms Submission Advanced Search

When viewing the submissions corresponding to a specific form, you can now run an advanced search to filter by specific answers to the questions included within your form. 



We have made improvements to the Russian and Chinese translations.



  • We have fixed a performance issue occurring when saving a family with a couple of members, in accounts with many custom profile fields. 
  • We have also fixed a bug related to exporting people as mobile contacts on iOS.


Chmeetings 2021.15 – June 8, 2021


First day of the week

You can now choose whether your week starts with Sunday or Monday. The feature is available by going to Settings >
Account Settings > Format Settings. This will reflect in the calendar and across all date selection fields. The default
is Monday.

Check-In forms

It is now possible to select a mandatory form to fill out when checking people in for an event. The form can be created
as usual, via the Forms module, and can be selected when editing the event you’d like to apply it to.

Enable/Disable the Gender profile field

You now have the ability to either enable or disable the Gender field from Settings > Profile Fields.

New language: Chinese (Beta)

ChMeetings now comes in Chinese, as well. This language is currently in a Beta version, and we welcome your feedback.
You can set it as the default church account language, from under Settings > Account Settings. Users and Members can
switch to Chinese from Settings > Change Language.


Adding family members got better

When they first log into their account, new members now see a message that provides information on how to add family

Check In list exports now contain groups

Exported spreadsheets now contain the Groups field when exporting lists of attendees or absentees from within the event
check in page.


  • iOS: the Family area did not render correctly within the My Profile screen.
  • Android 7 and earlier: a white screen was being displayed within the Mobile App. Please reinstall the app to
    receive the fix.
  • The shareable Online Giving link was incorrect on the Mobile App.
  • Incorrect order of people when searching within the People module.

Chmeetings 2021.14 – May 20, 2021


  • Contributions: Added an option to filter by specific people criteria, including people without an email.
  • Contributions: Added the ability to print mail labels.
  • Text Editor: Added the ability to resize images.

Chmeetings 2021.13 – May 11, 2021


  • Events: Add an option to filter by the calendar on the events
  • Forms: Add the address field to the list of profile fields.
  • Forms: Add the file field to upload attachments (This is only
    available to paid accounts).
  • Reports: Add a new access log report (This is only available to
    paid accounts).


  • Fix an issue printing the calendar.

Chmeetings 2021.12 – May 5, 2021


  • Events: Revamp the events management page to make it easier.
  • People – Profile Details: Add a new section to display the sent
    text messages.
  • People – Bulk Actions: Increase the size of email attachments to
    20 MB.
  • Users & Roles – Users: Add Last access time.
  • Users & Roles – Roles: Add role type when adding new role.
  • Add German Language (Beta).


  • Fix an issue with adding new people on some small screens.
  • Fix an issue with displaying the member photo in the letter
  • Fix an issue with calculating the attended/absent people in
    groups events.
  • Fix an issue with exporting people to mobile contacts.

Chmeetings 2021.11 – April 21, 2021


  • Contributions: Add new export options (Group by person and group
    by family).

Chmeetings 2021.11 – April 14, 2021


  • Events: Add a self-check-in option to the events with
    registration enabled.
  • People – Text People: Add an option to receive a notification on
    the mobile app when someone replies to the message.
  • Add an option to get the link QR code from Events, forms,
    calendar, and custom registration page.
  • Forms: Add an option to duplicate a field.
  • Add Spanish Language (Beta).
  • Add Russian Language (Beta).

Chmeetings 2021.10 – April 7, 2021


  • Member Access: Add an option to enable registrations using
    profile fields as a registration form. This is only available to paid accounts.
  • Forms: Add an option to update profile fields from the form
  • Follow up: Add created on, created by, last modified on, and
    last modified by to the follow-up details.
  • Reports – Recurring Event Report: Add Age distribution chart.


  • Fix an issue with ordering the users doesn’t consider the
    account name format settings.

Chmeetings 2021.9 – March 31, 2021


  • Forms: Add an option to insert links and photos to the
    description field.
  • Events: Add an option to enable/disable registration
    restrictions on specific days.
  • Events: Add end date and time option to be able to create a
    multi-day event.
  • People – Person Details: Add an option to rotate the profile
    photo after uploading it.
  • Settings – Account Settings: Add an option to enable/disable
    display your church on the Find my church page.
  • Tools: General improvements to import giving.

Chmeetings 2021.8 – March 25, 2021


  • Forms: Add more settings like only members can fill it, limit
    total submissions per member and restrict form only to members with specific criteria.
  • Events Send an email to members when the member or admin cancels
    his event registration.
  • People: Add an option to export people to mobile contacts
    (Available in the Mobile App).


  • Fix an issue in exporting groups to an excel file that does
    not include leaders.
  • Fix an issue with the mailing label that doesn’t fit
    properly on Avery 8860 30 labels per page.

Chmeetings 2021.7 – March 18, 2021


  • Forms: Add member profile fields to the form fields to create
    different custom registration forms.
  • Settings – Account Settings: Add force strong passwords option
    on to just use strong passwords when members register or updating their passwords.


  • Fix an issue with opening text replies in the diocese

Chmeetings 2021.6 – March 10, 2021


  • Contributions: Improve the design and usability of add
    contribution page.
  • Forms: Include the form title and banner when sharing it on any
    social app.
  • Events: Add event/occurrences share link to the public events.
  • Follow up: Display the person photo and support some bulk
    actions like text people, email people, send notifications and delete follow ups.
  • Tools – Merge People: Add matching filter (Name, Email and
  • Settings – Integrations: Add support to Twilio Alhpanumeric
    sender id.


  • Fix some UI issues on the mobile and tablet screens.

Chmeetings 2021.5 – March 3, 2021


  • Dashboard: Add manage widgets feature to easy add/remove widgets
    from your dashboard.
  • People – Advanced Search: Add an option to find people who don’t
    have profile photo from the missing data section.
  • Roles – Member Role: Add an option to set the mandatory for main
    profile fields like Photo, email, phone number and address.
  • Forms: Add form status filter.
  • Settings – Churches: Add a new way to manage the diocese
    churches and locations (Only available in the Diocese Account).
  • Calendar – Share: Add new option to share all calendars together
    to Google calendar or any other ical compatible calendars.
  • Contributions: Add quick add person option when adding a new
    contributor not exist in the account.


  • Fix an issue with self check in.
  • Fix a performance issue with accounts with a large number of

Chmeetings 2021.4 – February 16, 2021


  • Contributions: Add an option to customize the end of the year
  • People: Search by name, email and mobile in the church people to
    add them to ministry
  • Profile Details: Add an option to quickly email people from
    profile details.
  • Main Menu: Add the logged-in person name to quickly access his
  • Settings – Account Settings: Add an option to set the default
    language in your account.
  • Reports – Family Report: Add an option to add follow-up,
    archive, and delete the whole family.
  • Reports – Notification History Report: Show the notification
    details along with the attachments.
  • Enforce password change after the first login using the
    generated password.


  • Fix an issue that lead to duplicate event occurrences in the
    same day after updating the available seats.
  • Fix an issue with user last access not updated properly in
    some cases.
  • Fix some issues with embedding the calendar in the church
  • Fix an issue that prevent admin from deleting copied roles.

Chmeetings 2021.3 – February 4, 2021


  • Dashboard: Add households widget.
  • Users & Roles: Add an option to create multiple group leader
    role by copying the default one.
  • Contributions: Add the contributions overview, methods, and
    funds to the exported excel sheet.
  • Forms: Add a quick option to export submissions from the forms
    page directly.
  • Tools – Import People: Display the number of families before
    importing them.


  • Fix an issue with displaying some links in the member
  • Fix an issue with removing a member with access from a

Chmeetings 2021.2 – January 27, 2021


  • Users & Roles: Add new permission to control the visibility
    of people reports, advanced search, and event reports.
  • Add Romanian Language. Many thanks to Chise Bogdan for his
    contribution to the Romanian Translation


  • Fix an issue with archived people not counted in the
    attendance reports.
  • Fix an issue with the family name not displayed correctly in
    the Giving tab of the personal details page.
  • Fix an issue with Mailchimp sync not working properly in
    some cases.

Chmeetings 2021.1 – January 20, 2021


  • Contributions – All Contributions: Add the Contributions Summary
    (Overview, Methods & Funds).
  • People – Profile Details: Add “Do Not Text” option to let
    Admin/Member choose to not receive text messages from the church.
  • Follow Up: Receive push notification on the app when having
    pending follow ups today.
  • Member Access: Members can unsubscribe from the emails easily.
  • Diocese Management: Many improvements to the churches admin
    under the diocese account.
  • Add Danish Language. Many thanks to Pastor Svend Ryborg for
    his contribution to the Danish Translation


  • Fix an issue with Sync calendar to Google calendar with iCal.
  • Fix an issue with updating a form submission.
  • Fix an hour delay in the scheduled text messages.
  • Fix an issue with opening push notifications details in some
    special case.

Chmeetings 2020.61 – December 30, 2020


  • General performance and design improvements


  • General bug fixes.

Chmeetings 2020.60 – December 23, 2020


  • People – Send Notifications: Add an option to attach images and
    files to the notification. This is only available to paid accounts.
  • People – Email People: Save the email subject with the template.
  • Member Access – Pending People: Add an option to send push
    notifications to pending people.


  • Fix an issue with editing an event from the dashboard will
    lead to losing its name.
  • Fix an issue with import contacts from the mobile app that
    doesn’t display in some cases.

Chmeetings 2020.59 – December 16, 2020


  • Users & Roles – Users: Add a new role “Group Leader” to let
    some users only access a specific group of people
  • Reports: Display the recipients of email, text, and push
    notifications in the mobile app.
  • Reports: Add a new option to search by name, mobile, and email
    in the recipients of email, text, and push notifications.


  • Fix an issue with editing event occurrence that leads to
    duplicate the event on Safari.
  • Fix an issue with the last access date on the user’s page.
  • Fix a display issue of the people’s advanced search on the

Chmeetings 2020.58 – December 3, 2020


  • Events – Registration: Add an option to disable the event
    cancellation before the event starts with a specific number of hours.
  • Member Access – My Registrations: Show the date and hour of the


  • Fix an issue with the paging in the text, email, and push
    notifications history report.

Chmeetings 2020.57 – November 25, 2020


  • Settings – Account Settings: Add an option to set the sender
    name and reply to email. This is only available to paid accounts.
  • Events: Add a new option to enable event registration for
    specific groups.
  • Events – Sessions: Add an option to enter a speaker name that is
    not one of the members.
  • Contributions: Add an option to enter the check number and
    display it in the giving statement.
  • Contributions – Online Giving: Add an option to ask donors to
    cover the processing fee.
  • People: Allow to select people from multiple searches to do any
    bulk operation easily.
  • People: Add an option to create login account for new members
    directly from the person details page. This is available beside the Edit button.
  • Reports: General improvements in the recurring event report.

Chmeetings 2020.56 – November 19, 2020


  • Forms – Settings: Add an option to make the form visible for
    member access users in the menu.
  • Forms – Submissions: Add an export option to create a letter
    template for the submitters and use the form fields and profile fields.
  • General performance improvements.


  • Fix an issue with the public calendar that prevents it from
    displaying well.
  • Fix an issue with loading the profile photos in the
    generated QR Cards.

Chmeetings 2020.55 – November 11, 2020


  • Roles & Permissions: Add new permission to control the
    option of add/remove from the ministry.
  • Roles & Permissions: Add a new option to set the mandatory
    fields and which fields can display in the custom registration form.
  • Forms: Add Forms optional expiry date.

Chmeetings 2020.54 – November 4, 2020


  • Settings – Account Settings: Add an option to change the time
    format from 12 hours to 24 hours.
  • Roles & Permissions: Add new permission to control the
    birthdate (view/edit) in the profile details.
  • Reports – Birthdays Report: Order people by the day of birth,
    display the age and add age filter.
  • General performance improvements.


  • Fix an issue that prevent creating a form from the mobile
  • Fix events display order in the member access home page.

Chmeetings 2020.53 – October 29, 2020


  • Users: Add an option to invite members to become users.
  • People: Add an option to enable/disable sending emails to some
  • People: Improve the performance of exporting people in case of
    thousands of records.

Chmeetings 2020.52 – October 20, 2020


  • Language: Add French Language.
  • Events – Attendance: Add a new option to enter the count of

Chmeetings 2020.51 – October 16, 2020


  • Contributions: Add PayPal to the payment providers in online
    giving along with Stripe.
  • Reports: Add a new report “Deleted People Report” that will
    display all deleted people in the last 30 days with an option to restore. This is only available to paid
  • Event – Sessions: Display the event sessions in the event
    details page.


  • Fix an issue with the event participants order doesn’t
    consider the selected name format in the account settings.
  • Fix an issue with form submission not working in a very
    special case.
  • Fix a UI issue with the calendar color picker.

Chmeetings 2020.50 – October 7, 2020


  • Contributions: Print/Email Giving statement for individuals and
  • Reports: Add a new report “Households Report” that will display
    all households and the address details.
  • Member Access: Add an option to receive registrations
    notifications as a push notification on the mobile.
  • Calendar: Add an option to print the calendar.
  • Calendar: Update the Agenda view to display the events in 30
    days instead of 7 days.
  • People – Profile Details: Show the mobile phone of the parents
    in the family list to quickly call them.
  • Settings – Account Settings: Add an option to customize the app
    color. This is only available to paid accounts.


  • Fix an issue with displaying the correct name format and
    searching by the name fields in the event participants.

Chmeetings 2020.49 – October 1, 2020


  • Forms: Auto link the people if they are exactly matched in the
    name and email/mobile.
  • Forms: Add an option to send Text, Email, or push notifications
    to the linked people.
  • Forms: Add an option to customize the form color.
  • People: Add an option to Edit account info, edit roles, and
    delete the account directly from the person details page. This is available beside the Edit button.
  • Reports: Add a new report “People Log Report” that will display
    a log for all updates done on the people. This is only available to paid accounts.
  • Text Provider: Now you can purchase text packages and send text
    messages in South Africa.


  • Fix Mailchimp integration issue when removing the
    integration and adding it again.

Chmeetings 2020.48 – September 21, 2020


  • Forms: Add an option to receive submissions notifications as a
    push notification on the mobile.
  • Events: Add an option to edit the maximum tickets of a specific
    occurrence instead of the event.
  • Events – Check In: Add option to capture the attendance of a
    person who is not listed as a participant of an event.
  • Settings – Profile Fields: Add an option to add multiple
  • Calendar: Increase the number of displayed events in a monthly
    calendar cell.
  • Dashboard: Improve the loading time of the dashboard especially
    when having many families.
  • Performance: General improvements on the application performance
    in initial loading, events, and some reports.


  • Fix an issue in adding to groups in iPhone X.
  • Fix public calendar shared link not working in a very
    special case.

Chmeetings 2020.47 – September 10, 2020


  • Settings – Account Settings: Add Native name option to capture
    people’s names in their native language. It will be appended to their name wherever their name is displayed in
    the legal format or the chosen format.
  • Person Details – Events: Add an option to quickly register in an
    event for a member and/or his family from his events page in Person details.
  • Contributions: Add an option to add envelops and linking it with
    members to help in increasing confidentiality when adding the contributions.
  • Person Details – Giving: Show the total giving for the member
    and also his family.


  • Fix a sorting issue in event instances.
  • Fix some UI issues with the actions menu on the iPhone.

Chmeetings 2020.46 – September 4, 2020


  • Events: Add self check-in option so members can check-in
  • Reports: Add people count report when using ministries feature.
  • People: Improve the user experience of adding existing people to
    groups or ministry.


  • Fix a bug with scheduled emails when contains an attachment.
  • Fix name matching bug in form submissions.

Chmeetings 2020.45 – August 28, 2020


  • People: Change quick add family member to full add.
  • People – Advanced Search: Remember your last state of
    opened/closed search panel.
  • New Member Requests: Add an option to “Accept and add to
  • Events: Add copy event feature.
  • Forms: Add limit responses option.
  • Roles & Permissions: Add new permission to control the
    online giving settings.
  • Follow up: Add an option to set up the follow-up time.
  • Notifications: Add an option to mark the notifications as
    read/unread and show unread notifications count on the menu.
  • Notifications: Add an option to remove notifications.

Chmeetings 2020.44 – August 24, 2020


  • People – Advanced Search: Add an option to search for missing
    values in additional profile fields.
  • Events – Registrations: Display the registered names in the
    registration confirmation email.
  • Roles & Permissions: Add new permission to control the
    online giving settings.
  • Follow up: Add an option to sort by date and by name.
  • Migrated to Microsoft Azure® Cloud platform for better security,
    performance, and reliability.

Chmeetings 2020.43 – August 13, 2020


  • Events: Add Every 2 Weeks option to the event repeat.
  • People – Advanced Search: Add a new filter to search by state.
  • Roles & Permissions: Add new permission to control the
    people export option.

Chmeetings 2020.42 – August 7, 2020


  • Person Details – Events: Click on the event registration icon
    will open the registration details.
  • People – Advanced Search: Add a new filter for Events to find
    people who registered or not registered in a specific duration.
  • Events: Add an option to Enable/Disable Registrations on a
    specific occurrence in a recurring event.
  • Contributions: Add payment methods to let you add, update, or
    delete payment methods.


  • Fix an issue with edit event may lead to change the selected
  • Fix an issue with calendar/Agenda view doesn’t show all
    events in the selected interval.

Chmeetings 2020.41 – July 30, 2020


  • People – Person Details: Update the Events tab to show the
    Registrations and Checked In events.
  • People: Add Sibling option to the family roles.
  • Events – Registrations: Add an option to cancel this ticket or
    all tickets in the registration.
  • Roles & Permissions: Add new permission to Cancel Event


  • Fix an issue with event details page not responding when
    having large description in iOS App.
  • Fix an issue with voice messages recorder on some browsers.
  • Fix a UI issue on displaying the person options menu on

Chmeetings 2020.40 – July 23, 2020


  • Ministries Management – Add an option to manage the welcome
    message and important links for each church under the diocese account.
  • Add a new option in the main menu to switch between the member
    and staff menu.


  • Fix an issue with older notifications disappeared.
  • Fix an issue with saving account settings not applied
  • Fix an issue happens in certain cases when deleting an event
    will show a security exception message.

Chmeetings 2020.39 – July 13, 2020


  • Dashboard – Add the Family count widget to the ministries
  • Calendar – Share: Add a new option to get public upcoming events
    link and share it anywhere.
  • Roles & Permissions: Add new permission to Accept, Reject,
    and Link member access requests.
  • Member Access – Requests: Add an option to bulk email/text
  • Add support to download attachments from the mobile app.
  • Tools – Improve the performance of import/update people from
  • General performance enhancements.


  • Copy form doesn’t copy the banner.
  • Can’t unarchive person.
  • Remove person from ministry and this person have a user

Chmeetings 2020.38 – July 3, 2020


  • Member Access – Add a filter option to search inside the family
  • Member Access – Change upcoming events to 30 days instead of 7
  • Event Registration – Send email to members when the admin
    registers them manually.


  • Users page not working properly when having more than 5K
  • People Advanced Search – Opening saved search will open all
    search sections.
  • Invite members by Text not working when using Twilio

Chmeetings 2020.37 – June 25, 2020


  • Event Registration: Add an option to limit the seats by members
    or by families.
  • Member Access – Custom User/Member Invitation Email & Text
    (Available for some accounts).
  • Member Access – Requests: Add flag option to mark some requests.
  • Member Access – Requests: Add an option to search by email and
    mobile along with the name.


  • Minor UI issues in the web app.

Chmeetings 2020.36 – June 22, 2020


  • Add a preview option to the attached files (type image) in the
    person details page.
  • Member Access – Requests: Add export to excel option.
  • Member Access – Requests: Add sorting to the displayed columns.
  • Member Access – Requests: Show the time along with the date in
    the request date column.
  • Member Access – Requests: Add an option to (Accept & Reject
    member) in the person details page.
  • Roles & Permissions: Add a new permission “Member Access
    (New Member Requests)” to allow some people to access this page along with Admin & Owner roles.

Chmeetings 2020.35 – June 17, 2020


  • Custom member & family registration form (Available for some
  • People Advanced Search – Users & Roles: Add an option to
    find people by invitation status (All, Invited, Pending, Invitation Failed, Logged In) and an option to reinvite
  • Logged-In members can see Church name instead of Diocese name in
    the Diocese accounts.
  • Settings: Add an additional name format (Last Name, First Name
    Middle name).


  • Fix an issue with merge two people inside the same family.
  • The owner-user can’t change his username.
  • Layout direction in attendance page.

Chmeetings 2020.34 – June 15, 2020


  • Event Registration public release.


  • Households report not working in specific cases.
  • Minor UI issues in the mobile app.

Chmeetings 2020.33 – June 11, 2020


  • Settings: Add Name Format settings to support different formats
    (Last Name, First Name) & (First Name Last Name)
  • Member Access: Allow pending approval members to add their
    families and admin can review, accept, or reject the families.
  • Member Access: Add an option to allow automatic approval to all
  • Event Registration: Send Confirmation Email.
  • Show message after member registration to check spam/junk emails
    in case he didn’t get an email.

Chmeetings 2020.32 – June 9, 2020


  • Filter by name in the family report stop working.
  • People Advanced Search: People not in groups filter did not
    return data if they are in a group in a different ministry.
  • Opening links from different domains doesn’t open inside the
    mobile app.
  • Import contact in iPhone swap the mobile and phone in a very
    specific case.
  • Event Registration UI issues.

Chmeetings 2020.31 – June 4, 2020


  • Disable the invite by Text option if the user doesn’t have
    permissions on People.

Chmeetings 2020.30 – June 2, 2020


  • Event Registration (Available for some accounts).
  • Member Access: Add Legal Agreement link.


  • Filter by name in the family report stop working.

Note: Some features are not available in all accounts as they need some improvements and fine-tuning before
becoming available for all accounts.