Release Notes

Chmeetings 2024.6 – April 3, 2024

For the past month, we have been working on some major features that you have been waiting for. Thank you all for your feedback and patience! We are still working on creating users guides for you, and we hope to complete them by the end of April 4th EST. We look forward to learning more from you, as you interact with these new features. Here is what’s going live today, April 3rd: 





Get started tracking your finances with ChMeetings, where you can add your Accounts and Transactions, as well as Funds, Categories, and Payees. You can also create budgets and generate financial reports. 

You can find the feature documentation in our Accounting help section. You can already find the Accounting Setup and Account Management guides. The remaining guides are coming soon. 

We welcome your questions and feedback, which will help us improve both the feature itself and the help guides we create to make it easier for you to use. Contact us here.

Here is a short walkthrough of the Accounting module: 




New Automated Tasks

In this release, we are adding to the list of available automated tasks, and also making improvements to the interface. 

The new automation workflows allow you to create tasks that trigger when someone new joins your church or when someone attends an event for the first time (or after having been absent for 12 months or more.). You can send communications (email, texts, notifications), add people to a group or ministry, or create a follow-up. 

If you’re already familiar with Automated Tasks, we hope you will find the new ones very easy to set up. If you are new and need help, feel free to contact us here or check our Automated Tasks guide by the end of tomorrow, when we should have finished updating with the new workflows.





Merge Fields in the Email Subject

You can now insert merge fields into the subject of an email message and the relevant information will be parsed.


Search Events by Name

In the Events screen, there is now a Search by Name filter, which you can use to enter the name of an event and find it in a long list. 


Browse Events By Visibility When Adding To A Builder Events Card

When you add an Event Card to your page, using the Builder, you can now browse events by visibility to Members, Public, or Users.


New Member Permissions for the Calendar and Event Registration

There may be some churches in our community that do not require the Calendar and My Registrations sections in the Member Portal. We have added permissions under the Member Role, which can be used to disable these sections for members. 


Improved Behavior For The Option To Apply The Same Address To All Family Members

When you connect people in ChMeetings as family members, some of them may share a common address, but others might not; even if you manage their records as part of the same family. So, starting with this release, if you uncheck “Apply The Same Address To All Family Members” on a specific person’s profile, then you can add a separate address for them. Everyone who has this field checked on their profile will share the same address. We’re working on improving this further, to facilitate managing such situations in a more user-friendly manner. 


Chmeetings 2024.5 – February 29, 2024




  1. We added the option to configure recurring monthly events to repeat on any date in the month. Previously, it was only possible to repeat the event every specific weekday.

  2. You can now choose Transfer when you organize paid events and enable the Pay Later option, so people can register without paying online. This is to cover cases when people prefer to pay by bank transfer.

  3. The Android/iOS mobile check-in page now lets you set up printing when name tag printing is enabled. You can select the printer, the label size, and the layout.


Service Planning

  1. We added the option to edit Service Plan Template Names and to delete Templates.


  2. You can now share Service Plans by Email, on Facebook or Twitter/X, or as a link.


Builder (Branded app)

We added the possibility to show or hide the blog and the option to give for both members and guests. This feature is available exclusively for branded app users, in Member Portal > Builder > Menu Setup



Chmeetings 2024.4 – February 12, 2024



  1. Moving forward, we will be structuring the Release Notes as follows:
    • Major feature: Designates all released major features within ChMeetings. Major features are either standalone platform modules or primary functions within a module. For example, both Events and Volunteer Scheduling, under Events, are major features.
    • Minor Feature: Designates all released features that fall under a major feature. These could be any specific new function that we add to an already existing major feature.
    • Improvement: Designates all other updates we make to ChMeetings, including design changes, information architecture updates, user experience enhancements, or potentially, very small features that may be less important than minor features. To distinguish a minor feature from an improvement we consider the place the update occupies within the product structure.
  2. In the future, we may release some features partially, only to some of our customers who are potentially interested in trying out the new feature and provide feedback. We will be marking these as a “Partial Rollout” in the release notes.
  3. Some new features are currently available to specific plans. While we still need to work on clarifying this aspect in our documentation, we will include a “Plan Availability” section in the release notes.
  4. The full rollout date for the Appointments feature has been pushed to February 19, 2024.




File Attachments

We have increased the maximum file size for attachments in People Profile Fields and Forms, from 5MB to 10MB.



When building a form, you can choose the minimum and maximum number of selections in the checkbox field.



  • Video Cards support Facebook Video.

  • Audio Cards support files from



We added the families and households count to the Geographical Distribution Report.



Chmeetings 2024.3 – February 1st, 2024



Service Planning (Partial Release. Full rollout expected on February 19, 2024)
Available with these plans: Small, Medium, Large, Unlimited, Diocese.

Start planning your events in detail with Service Plans. Add songs, scripture, notes, or other items and organize them into sections that help your events flow smoothly. General, song, and scripture items also let you attach files so you can retrieve everything fast and easily when you need it. Moreover, you can save and reuse templates for even faster planning.

You can find Service Plans under Events > Plan if you are subscribed to a Small or higher plan.

Please read our Service Planning help guide for more information.




Builder (All Users)

The improvements below are available within the Builder for everyone:

  • We have added a new landing page that lets you see a preview of the current design and easily get the church link or download a QR code for this link. You can also easily access the portal customization area from here.

  • While customizing your portal, the Builder now opens in full screen to leverage all available space and give you a better design experience.

  • When editing cards, the editing options will slide from the right side of the screen, again to give you more space to work with.


Builder (Branded App)

The improvements below are available within the Builder for Branded App users only:

  • Choose a menu icon for pages: You can choose from a variety of icons and apply to your builder pages. These icons will display along with the page title within the ChMeetings Main Menu in the Member View.

  • Manage the Main Menu that members see when accessing ChMeetings. You can rename and reorder menu items, along with changing the item’s icon. Additionally, you can choose whether pages are visible to Members, Guests, or both. System menu items cannot be hidden. Visibility also depends on your Member Role configuration.


New Forms Experience

The Form editor now uses your full screen. When editing a field, the editing options slide from the right side of the screen to give you more space. 


Permission for Group Leaders to Delete Their Own Events

You can now allow Group Leaders to delete the events they created themselves. The permission is available under Users & Roles > Roles & Permissions > Group Leader > Events.


 Redesigned Online Giving Page

We redesigned the online giving page so it’s easier for people to contribute to your church online. The page is much simpler to use because people can just type the amount, select a fund, choose if they want to contribute recurringly, and then proceed to enter their payment details. 


Chmeetings 2024.2 – January 24, 2024



Geographical Distribution Report

You can now filter the Geographical Distribution Report by both City and Zip Code. 


View Photos of Group Members in the Member View

If a group is accessible to members and you choose to make the list of group members visible, then their photos are now also available along with their names.


Chmeetings 2024.1 – January 17, 2024



Appointments (Partial Release. Full Rollout Expected on February 19, 2024)
Available with these plans: Medium, Large, Unlimited, Diocese.

This feature lets people book appointments with church servants such as priests or anyone else who is available. You can configure appointment types and set up session timeslots that people can book. Admins can create bookings on behalf of members, while members can book from within their ChMeetings accounts. Guests can also book appointments using a public web link that your church can share anywhere online. 

Visit our Appointments help center to learn more and get started using this feature.. 




Recurring VolunteerSchedule
Available with these plans: Small, Medium, Large, Unlimited

From under the Volunteer schedule, you can now set the recurrence of someone’s participation. When assigning a volunteer, you can choose the exact dates when the same person participates and covers a specific role within the event. 




Available with all plans

When viewing all contributions as charts and using the Givers vs. Non-Givers chart, you can now filter it by individuals, by families, and by families excluding children.


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