Release Notes

Chmeetings 2023.6 – March 15, 2023


Organization Contributions (paid feature)

Your church can now collect contributions from Organizations. You can add organizations from under Contributions > Organizations and select Organization as the contribution type. Admins can manage access to the feature from under Roles & Permissions. A member needs to be on record as the organization owner to contribute on its behalf. If Members are given access to Organizations and are also the owner or an organization, then they can select whether to contribute personally or on behalf of the organization.


New SMS Provider

You can now use ChMeetings to send SMS messages via SMS Global: You can find it under Integrations > Bulk SMS/Voice Service.  



General User Interface Improvements

We improved our User Interface for checkboxes, page navigation, text spacing, etc. These are subtle changes that should enhance your overall experience with ChMeetings.


Chmeetings 2023.5 – March 9, 2023



Automated Tasks

You can now create automated tasks to send emails or notifications to members on their birthday or anniversary or to create a follow-up for new givers. The feature is only available to paid accounts and can be found under Settings > Automated Tasks.

Communicate via Facebook Messenger

If members have added their Facebook profile link to their Chmeetings profile, you can now communicate with them using Facebook Messenger. You can find the Messenger icon on the user’s profile, underneath their photo. 



New Languages: Afrikaans and Japanese

You can now use ChMeetings in Afrikaans and Japanese. Admins can change the main default languages from Settings > Account Settings, while members can change their account language from Settings > Change Language


Chmeetings 2023.4 – February 15, 2023


Assign Volunteers by Group

There are now two new options available when assigning event volunteers: 

  1. Assign all people in a specific group as volunteers,
  2. Select individual volunteers based on the groups they are part of rather than searching the entire member database. 



Show Events with No Attendance in the Attendance Widget

The attendance dashboard widget now lets you display events with no attendance.


Multirole within the same Ministry

The Group Leader role can now be assigned along with any other role (For example, Group Leader and Admin) within the same ministry.


Support for the Scottish Grading System

If your church is based in Scotland, you can use the Scottish grading system. To see this grading system, you must set your Account Country to the United Kingdom and the State to Scotland.


Chmeetings 2023.3 – January 31, 2023


Korean Language (Beta)Starting with this release, ChMeetings is available in Korean. Administrators can change the default app language from Settings > Account Settings, while members can change it for their instance from Settings > Change Language. This language is in Beta.


Improvements to the Attendance Report

If previously, the Attendance Report could be filtered by Group, there are additional filters for Gender, Event, and City.

Chmeetings 2023.2 – January 23, 2023



  • Recurrent Follow-Ups: You can now create recurring follow-ups. Once completing an instance, a new one will be created until the recurrence ends.
  1. User Interface Improvements: The user interface has been improved within the Follow-Ups section to enhance follow-up status visibility and allow you to mark records as done or remove the mark.



You can now cancel event registrations in bulk from under People & Tickets. This option is available for both free and paid events for which you have enabled registration.



The Group Description field is now a WYSIWIG editor that allows you to create more visual descriptions for groups, including with HTML code.

Member Access Builder

  • Image Card: You can use the Image card to add clickable images to your pages. Clicking an image added via this card will zoom the image in. The card lets you add an image description, alight the description text, set to visible or hidden, and choose whether it displays to guests, members, or both.
  • Move cards between pages: You can now move any card to any previously created page.




Customizable election settings: You can now customize all requirements for the nomination and voting process, as well as the mandatory fields that members should fill out before participating.

Chmeetings 2023.1 – January 3, 2023


Attendance Dashboard Widget

The homepage dashboard now contains an Attendance widget, displaying event attendance statistics for the last 30 days. It is useful when you want to quickly get information about attendance at an event instead of opening each event.

Calendar View for Volunteer Scheduling

There is a new tab in the volunteer scheduling feature which allows you to see assigned volunteers in a calendar view. Here you can assign volunteers, remove assignments, or specify whether the volunteer has accepted or rejected participation. The Calendar is on an expandable screen that you can enlarge to see and work with multiple days in one go.

Import Groups

You can import groups from a spreadsheet by going to Settings > Tools > Import Groups. All you need to do is download the template file and fill out the Groups column to assign each person to a group. If you add a group to the spreadsheet that does not exist in ChMeetings, it will be added. This feature does not make any changes to member profiles. It also does not remove members from groups; it only adds them.


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