ChMeetings updates for October 2021

Here we are with yet another monthly product update, which we hope you’ll enjoy exploring. This month we have focused on developing a few impactful features that primarily focus on improving data management and contributions collection, 

Collect recurring online donations 

Congregation members now have the option to contribute on a recurring basis: weekly, biweekly, monthly or yearly. The feature is easily accessible, right from your online giving link. Learn more.

Create digitally signed forms

You can now easily ask members to digitally sign forms before submitting them. This can be achieved by adding a dedicated digital signature field to the form in question. This is useful when you want to create legally binding documents. Learn more

Communicate with parents or children without access to people data

Now, unless you want to, there is no need to provide church admins with access to people data for communication purposes. You can easily grant them permission to communicate to children or parents (from Users & Roles > Roles & Permissions). This way they will be able to send emails, texts or push notifications to parents or children even if they cannot see, for example, their email addresses or phone numbers. This feature is particularly useful for specific activities such as Sunday School. Learn more.

Other updates

A few other improvements we made this month include:

  • Envelopes importer: You can find it in the Tools menu and can use it to export people, assign their envelope numbers, then re-import them. Learn more.
  • An option to create all-day and multi-day events, along with session planning for multi-day events.
  • All people profile fields (default and custom) are now available to insert into text messages
  • Payment is now mandatory for paid events if you have configured a gateway. If you don’t want this, you can allow members to pay later. 
  • Additional Follow up permissions that let you control what follow ups church leaders can view and modify. 

We hope these features improve your work and as always, we welcome your feedback. Please, feel free to get in touch.

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