ChMeetings July 2019 Updates

What’s new?

We have been busy in July, making many updates to the ChMeetings application across all platforms (web, Android and iOS).

All updates are built by Servants for Servants.

Family Updates

  • Easily add new/existing members to the family.
  • Import and Export the members and families from/to Excel.
  • Search by member role in the family from the advanced search.
  • Display the families count in the dashboard.
  • Easy navigate between the family members.

Duplicate detection and merging tool

Search for duplicate members by ( the same name or mobile number), to merge them into one member including their attendances, notes, and follow-ups.

Other updates

  • Monitor your account usage and easily upgrade it.
  • Import members without identifying the gender and later set it.
  • Search for members updated in specific duration from the Advanced search.
  • New member fields for (Baptism date and location) that you can store and search by them.

We thank all priests and church leaders for their contributions with us to make the app better. We appreciate all feedback and encouragements.


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