ChMeetings Updates for November 2021

ChMeetings Updates for November 2021

It’s the end of November and just one month before the end of 2021. To say that time flies is more than a cliché, because lately it sure seems to fly faster than ever. In any case, November has been another productive month for us here at ChMeetings; and we’re so happy we got to make our platform even more customizable, to fit each of your individual needs. So, without further ado, let’s explore what we released this month: 

Guest / Member View

You can now customize your main church URL and add custom links, forms or events, as well as your donation link and social media. This is easy to achieve with an easy drag & drop builder, based on cards. Members will see your configuration on their homepage, after they log in. Non-members can have access to this information as well, right on your main church URL, which can contribute to expanding your congregation. Please see our help center to learn how to build your Guest / Member View.

member access form builder


Form Stats

Forms that contain questions with multiple options now come with submission statistics that show you a visual of what your members have submitted. This feature lets you see a submission and completion rate summary, as well as pie charts for each question that includes multiple options. Learn more.

Form submissions statistics


Refer a Friend

You can now refer a friend to ChMeetings and if they sign up for a paid plan, you will both get 15% off. You can refer to as many churches as you like and you can receive your plan for free, starting with the 7th referral. Find out more here.

Subscription Refer a friend


Other Updates

Other new features include: 

  • Additional form permissions for Group Leaders, 
  • The ability to add an event to the Calendar when registering from the mobile app; and to search for members by QR Code. Learn more.
  • Archived people no longer count towards your account limit, 
  • The Phone, Email and Photo can now be hidden in the Online Member Directory,
  • The ability to filter contributions by multiple batches, payment methods and funds,
  • The Tools menu has been moved to the Settings,
  • Guest booking cancellations,
  • An option to include Group Leaders in written group communications (emails, notifications, texts),
  • Personalized push notifications using merge fields.
  • A “Weekly” filter for the Attendance Rate and New People Rate Reports. 

We hope you find these features useful and we welcome your improvement suggestions.

Please, feel free to get in touch and until next time, stay well.

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