Get ChMeetings Free for a year if you refer four friends!

  • Share ChMeetings with church servants you know to get 25% off your annual plan for each referral!
    Get your personal invite link from Settings > Subscription.
  • When a church signs up for a paid annual plan using your link, you get a 25% discount on your plan.
    The church you refer to us also gets 25% off.
  • If four churches sign up with your link, you can cover the cost of your ChMeetings plan for a year.

Refer ChMeetings to a friend and get discunt

How it works

  • The discount is exclusively available for annual subscription sign-ups and renewals. It does not
    apply to monthly plan sign-ups or renewals, neither for you nor for the referred church.
  • Your referral earnings are shown in Settings > Subscription. They update automatically when a church
    signs up through your invite link.
  • Earnings do not expire.
  • Referred churches receive an instant 25% off when signing up.
  • If you have a free account, you can get your first annual plan with at least 25% off.
  • If you already subscribed to a paid plan, your discount applies for the next renewal if you choose
    an annual plan.
  • You can get a discount for one yearly plan payment. The referral discount therefore applies once,
    for the first yearly plan payment after earning it, for a maximum of 100% of the cost of your yearly
    plan. Discounts are not recurring for subsequent payments, even if your referral link is still used
    to sign up.
  • There is no limit to how many churches you can refer to us, and if you reach 100% off, you can get
    ChMeetings for free for a year.