ChMeetings Updates For June 2024

This June, the ChMeetings Team has been working on several improvements, all across the platform. We improved accounts and security, people and giving, appointments, forms, the Builder, and more. Here are the updates we have for you this month:


Accounts & Security

In May, we released Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), which significantly improves the security of your user accounts. In June, we added the option to make 2FA mandatory for everyone in your church with any administrative permission – such as group leaders, event organizers, admins, and other servants. Members are excepted from this rule and are not required to enable 2FA.

force 2fa -


Additionally, you can now disable the Accounting module if you are not using it. 

disable accounting -


Last, but not least, we are now using reCaptcha 3 to protect member registration pages, giving pages, and all forms. reCaptcha uses AI that analyzes the user’s behavior to determine whether they are a bot. If there are doubts, reCaptcha asks users to perform a task, for example, to select images that contain specific elements such as cars, buses, traffic lights, bridges, etc. 

recaptcha -


People & Giving

In the People section, you can now run searches based on Giving-related filters (giver status, envelopes, amounts, etc.).

giving filter -


The Import Giving tool has been enhanced with the option to use a single name column or multiple name columns. This lets you import the data as it is provided in the source data file without additional manual processing. 

import giving -



You can schedule events based on 5 or 10-minute intervals. This was previously based on 15-minute intervals. In addition, your event payments are now organized into two lists to make it easier for you to manage and account for event payments: 

  • Events List, which displays overview payment information per event.
  • Payments List, which displays individual payments.

event payments -



Admins and members can now add a note when booking an appointment. This can be very useful if you or your members must provide specific information before meetings. 

appointment note -



Now your form edits are automatically saved if all required fields are populated. You can also restrict form access to people who are connected to your church WiFi, by entering the name of your network into the Form Settings. This way, people must connect to your church’s WiFi before being granted access to the form. Here is how to set this up as an admin and how members can access such forms

wifi form demo -


Other Updates

We have released several other improvements, as follows

  1. Builder card edits are automatically saved if all required fields are populated on the specific card.
  2. You can now create annual follow-ups.
  3. You can schedule events based on 5 or 10-minute intervals. This was previously based on 15-minute intervals. 
  4. The mobile app performance has been improved.
  5. Dioceses can now set a timezone for each church.
  6. We integrated a new SMS provider: Bulk SMS Nigeria.

We hope these features help you work more efficiently and improve your members’ church experience. We would love to stay in touch. If you’d like to keep up with our regular news, please check our Release Notes, which we provide every time we release an update to ChMeetings.

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