ChMeetings Updates for December 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, the ChMeetings team has been working on paving the way for future developments next year. We have added new features for Coptic Dioceses and enhanced the Builder. We improved contributions, people-related features, and user access. 


We have enhanced the Builder with new settings, such as a banner image slider for the homepage and light and dark mode appearances for pages. The appearance settings are only available for the branded app. Additionally, there is a new page switcher and manager, as well as the option to add pages to the app menu for members to see easily.


Coptic Diocese Features

Coptic Dioceses can enable a Directory for their members to list churches and their locations, priests, and deacons. Additionally, Dioceses can assign priests, who can make vacation requests via the Member Portal. Admins can manage these requests.



The Contribution module has been enhanced with an option to export funds and with the possibility to auto-enable, covering payment processing fees for online donations.


People Features

Using the Map People feature, you can now see distances from your location to your members’ in the People section. Additionally, when printing QR cards, you can print one card per page, which is helpful if you use a card printer. 



The other updates we made this month are:

  • Access to Child Ministries: When copying an Admin role, you can decide whether to provide them access only to the central assigned ministries or also to child ministries that fall under the main ones.
  • Custom calendar colors: You can set your hex color code for your calendars.

We hope you find these new features helpful and invite you to get in touch if you need us and to read our  Release Notes for regular updates. 

Happy Holidays to everyone celebrating, and we hope to find you well in 2024.

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