ChMeetings Updates for May 2022

Summer is upon us, and to get ready for the joy it brings, the ChMeetings team has been working on yet another set of features that, we hope, you’ll find useful, especially for the upcoming gatherings in the sunshine. We can’t wait to share the new features with you, so here they are:

Event Donations

When organizing an event, you can collect donations from participants. 

You can now collect donations when organizing events. When setting up an event, you can  add a name for your donation section, choose a suggested amount and select the fund to which it should be assigned..When members register for the event, they will have the option to support your church with a donation.

*This is a paid feature.

Edit or Cancel Recurring Online Giving

Members can edit the amount they donate through online giving, and they can also cancel their transactions altogether. This is a paid feature that is currently only applicable to churches integrating Stripe as a payment method.

Video Cards for the Member / Guest View

Members who authenticate into their ChMeetings account, or guests who visit your church URL can now watch a video. You can easily add it on a card, using the Guest / Member View Builder.

Follow-ups calendar iCal feed

The Share Calendar options now include a link to the Follow Ups Calendar for each user, within the iCal feed. This allows you to sync with Google Calendar or mobile devices.

There are a lot more exciting features coming up, so stay tuned for our June updates. Until then, please feel free to get in touch if there is anything you’d like to talk to us about. 

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