ChMeetings Updates for June 2023

In June, the ChMeetings team mostly worked on improving events and the volunteering experience. We also enhanced contributions, forms, reports, and more. We’re happy to share what’s new, so here we go.


Events received a few important updates:

  1. You can now create yearly recurring events;
  2. Event payments can be refunded, fully or partially;
  3. There is a quick Check-in button available on the Attendance dashboard widget. You no longer have to go to the event itself to check people in;
  4. A new permission has been added to the Member role, allowing people who volunteer in events to view other volunteers within the same event occurrence, same role, or both;
  5. Volunteer role leaders can choose to receive mobile notifications when an assignment is rejected (immediately), or a role is unfilled (one day before the event). This can be configured under Settings > Notification Settings.



Churches using Stripe as their payment gateway can now refund online giving transactions and choose whether to add a Comments box to their donation page. 



Forms have been improved with a Star Rating field (paid feature). Form statistics now let you export to .pdf and see the number of form views.



Communication-related reports now have a dedicated section where you can find history reports for emails, notifications, and texts.



Our API now allows you to pull data related to Pledges and Pledge Campaigns, and you can add prefixes to exported mobile contacts for easier group organization,

Our team is working on adding more features, which we hope you will find helpful. We welcome your feedback and suggestions, so please feel free to contact us anytime. Until next time, we wish you the very best.

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