ChMeetings Updates for April 2024

This April has been a busy, but very fulfilling month for the ChMeetings team. We are thrilled to announce that we have released the Accounting module for which many of you have been waiting. We are very thankful for your patience and feedback and we’ll continue working on improvements. Besides this, we have enhanced account security through two-factor authentication; and released more automated tasks along with other improvements that help make your work faster and better. Let’s explore what’s new in ChMeetings:



The Accounting Module provides various features that let you manage church finance essentials without additional software. Here is what you can do with the Accounting module: 

  1. View Finances at a glance with the Accounting Dashboard Charts.


  2. Track Accounts, add or import transactions, and transfer funds between accounts.


  3. Reconcile accounts to ensure all your records add up.


  4. Create budgets to be always aware of your financial resources.

  5. Generate various reports to keep track of your financial standing.


Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication significantly reduces security risks for your ChMeetings account by requiring an additional login step. Besides your password, you must enter an authentication code generated using an authentication app or receive via email. Access will only be granted if both the password and code are correctly entered. This feature can be used by all ChMeetings users regardless of role.


New Automated Tasks

The new tasks let you automate communication and administrative tasks when someone new joins your church or attends an event for the first time (or after being absent for 12 months or more.). You can send communications (email, texts, notifications), add people to a group or ministry, or create a follow-up. 


Other Updates

Some of the other updates we released in April allow you to: 

  • Add merge fields in email subjects;
  • Add giving transactions from external giving platforms (e.g. Zeffy) to ChMeetings, via Zapier;
  • Include non-tax-deductible funds in contribution statements;
  • Perform bulk actions faster and easier when using the mobile app;
  • Use ChMeetings in the Tigrinya Language (Eritrea);
  • Search events by name;
  • Browse events By visibility when adding an events card to a page in the Member Portal Builder;
  • Enable member access to the calendar and to event registration
  • Better manage people who live at the same address, with an improved behavior for the option to apply the same address to all family members;

We hope this helps improve your work and are open to your feedback. Stay tuned to our Release Notes page to get updated every time we release new features. 


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