Chmeetings updates for April 2022

ChMeetings Updates for April 2022

Towards the end of spring, the ChMeetings team has been busy adding new features to help make your communication and events even better. Without further ado, here are ChMeetings updates for April 2022.

Schedule Push Notifications

You can now send push notifications significantly more efficiently by scheduling them. This option is available everywhere notifications can be sent to people from within ChMeetings. We have added a Calendar button to your notification setup area, which you can click to enable the date and time selection fields. Simply choose the date and time when you want the notification to be sent, click Schedule, and you’re done. The notification will only be sent on the date and at the time you configured.

Schedule Push Notifications

Anniversary Notifications

When there is an anniversary happening for someone in your congregation, you can receive a notification about it so you don’t forget that congratulations are in order. You can choose whether to be notified on a daily or monthly basis. If monthly, you can choose the day of the month when the notification should be sent. These configurations are available in your Notification Settings. 

Anniversary Notifications Settings

Select the email sender

When you send an email, you can now choose between the default email address (configured by setting a Sender Name and Reply To Address in your email settings) and the one corresponding to the person who sends the email.

email sender

Volunteer Reminders

When you have volunteers scheduled for an event, you can send them a reminder, according to their role. You can decide how many days in advance to send the reminder, and whether you do so via email and/or push notification. The message text and formatting are customizable and merge fields are available. You can also decide whether to apply the reminder to the selected role or to all roles.  

Have a look at the demo below to see how this feature works:

Volunteer Reminders - ChMeetings updates for April 2022

We are very excited about these features, because they allow churches to be much more organized and communicate a lot better with members and volunteers. What do you think? We would love to hear from you, so please, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or anything else to let us know. 

Until next time, take care.

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