ChMeetings Q1 2020 Updates

What Does ChMeetings Offer You Now? 2020 Q1 Update

If you work with any church or congregation you know that people and their needs change all the time. Luckily, technology changes too and we’re excited to present you with the next batch of updates in the ChMeetings cloud software that is available on (Web, Android and iOS).

5 Areas of Change—As Short Summary

Thanks to feedback from users and church leaders we’re kept up to date about the various changes you can benefit from. In this quarter we’re happy to showcase changes in four specific areas, as well as a few general tweaks to make the ChMeetings platform more user-friendly church management software.

More Options with Member Access

First up: we rolled out our Member Access portal!

This is where members can engage & all your new members can register via this tool.

More Freedom for Members

Members can now log in, view and edit their own details. It also has features for:

  • receiving push notifications
  • viewing upcoming events
  • online giving and viewing of their contribution history

Sufficint Control for Leaders

Leaders still have control because you determine how much information members can view and edit. You can customize a welcome message and share links you feel are important for members to see.

Modernizing Contributions with Online Giving

Why only manage contributions when you can empower your members to do it easier? Navigate to Contributions and you’ll see the ‘Online Giving’ button. Your members can use this method to pay contributions and it will automatically reflect in your contribution records. This portal has the following features:

  • Customize a personalized message and it will be sent automatically to each contributor
  • Members can pick which fund they want to contribute to, ensuring accurate record keeping

Just note that you have to configure a Stripe account to use this feature.

Easy Communication via MailChimp Integration

MailChimp is a leader in digital communication for a reason: the tool makes it easy to communicate with different groups of people. Now this forms part of our ‘Integrations’ options that you’ll find under ‘Settings’.

It’s easy to keep different mailing lists up to date: you only change them in one place and the data will reflect when you send messages via the MailChimp portal.

Transforming Your Forms

Many of ChMeetings’ users use forms so it’s vital that this tool stays user friendly. It’s an easy drag-and-drop resource which you’ll find in your main menu. Now you can optimize forms with these new options:

  • Add multiple Title/Description sections according to your unique needs
  • Create members from submissions
  • Export submissions to Excel
  • Share your form straight from the mobile app
  • Copy a form instead of starting from scratch

A member’s page will show his or her submitted forms for easy reference and all of this makes for more control, usable data & faster workflows.

Other Updates

Small improvements impact how effective the platform works and positive experiences ensure more engagement. So, enjoy our new design and color schemes that are easier on the eyes making it easier to read details. We also boosted general performance.

Don’t forget to familiarize yourself with these handy upgrades that can streamline your workflow:

  • Templates for emails and letters
  • You can invite users in bulk
  • Import contribution data from another file
  • Text packages can be purchased via the app
  • Australia: you can now send a voice or text message
  • Ghana: Integrate with text or voice messages
  • For leaders managing data, use these dynamic functions for a better workflow:
    • Email/Text Report History: View delivery status of messages
    • Advanced Search: Find people with specific missing data, such as address or email
    • Roles & Permissions: Control which fields users can view and edit


The ChMeetings software works because it’s created by servants FOR servants. Thank you to each one of your who has shared your experiences, feedback and ideas with us. It helps us to improve our product continuously.

And if you have something to contribute, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll get on it right away.

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