ChMeetings Updates for September 2023

This September, the ChMeetings Team have focused on improving the experience of your community when using their ChMeetings accounts. We have also improved the branded app,  reports, user permissions, contributions, and more. 

Member Portal Updates

The “Member Access” section of ChMeetings is now called “Member Portal”. There are a few new improvements to the Builder, Blog, and Member Directory, as follows: 

  • The Builder has a new Settings section, and there is a new Calendar card. Every card can now be set to expire and get removed from the page. Additionally, the RSS card lets you add a title and set the number of maximum allowed items. 
  • The Blog now lets you change the Publish Date on every post; and posts are now sorted by publish date in the admin view as well.Previously, they were sorted by their creation date. 
  • The Member Directory now has a dedicated settings section, available for both members and admins. Here is where overall member visibility can be configured and specific information can be set to be displayed or hidden. These settings apply to both the online and printed member directory.
  • The Member Portal Invite Email lets you add links to the ChMeetings app. This works with both the general app and branded versions. 


Branded App Updates

Users of the Branded Mobile App can now exclusively send push notifications to guests. Additionally, anyone can easily subscribe to the branded app right from within ChMeetings, under Settings > Subscription. 


Other Updates

Other features we’ve improved this month include: 

  • The Archived People Report: You can now filter it by date range and sort records by name or by archive date. 
  • User permissions: Users with access to Forms can be set to see all forms, or just those they have created themselves. 
  • The Online Giving section has a new Batch filter and columns displaying each transaction’s net and fee amounts, along with an icon showing whether the contributor covered the fee. 
  • New Language: ChMeetings is now available in Swedish. 


We hope these features are helpful for you and your community. As always, we welcome your feedback and invite you to read our Release Notes for more frequent updates.

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