ChMeetings updates: August 2021

The ChMeetings Team is glad to be back with another monthly update, full of new features that, we hope, make it easier for you to better serve your church and community, every day. 

We’ve been busy improving ChMeetings, as always, so we’re very excited to let you know what’s fresh within our platform. 

New mobile menu

The mobile app now has a new, tabbed menu, that lets you access key areas faster. 

  • For admins, the new menu includes the following tabs: Dashboard, People, Groups, Notifications and More (which opens up the main menu). 
  • For members, the menu includes. Home, My Profile, Notifications, and a More option, which takes them to the full app menu. 

Register guests to events

Members can now register someone else to an event, as a guest. All they need to do is enter their name, email and mobile number. You can find guests under People & Tickets and in the Events Registration Log Report. You need a paid account to benefit from this feature. 

Here is how a guest can be registered to an event:

Search for the children or parents of specific people

The Advanced Search feature within the People module now lets you search for the parents or children of specific people. This is great when you want to communicate to, for example, the parents of a specific group of children. You can use this feature to find them, then easily get in touch. Read more about how this works.

Send form submission confirmation email

You can now choose to send a form submission confirmation email to the people who submit your forms. This feature is available in the Form Settings area. Learn more.

Other features

Besides these major features, there are a few other significant improvements that we made throughout this month.

Event Management:

  • The new Events Registration Log Report (available for paid accounts), that we released last month, now lists payment activity and can be exported to Excel.
  • Admins can now configure new events settings, where they can choose whether they want to show events to pending users, as well as set the time period for which they want to display upcoming events on the member view homepage.

People & Contributions:

  • QR Cards now have a preview and an option to change the background color.
  • You can now communicate to everyone in a group in a couple of clicks, using the new contact options we attached to groups. 
  • The Contribution Import Tool now considers the email and mobile number, to ensure that contributions are correctly assigned when multiple people have the same name.

Settings & Languages:

  • Instagram has been added to the Important Links section within Member Access.
  • There is also a new language available: Portuguese

We hope you are as excited about these features as we are, and we invite you to check out our Release Notes page to stay up to date with our news.

Until next time, stay well. 

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