ChMeetings Updates for October 2022

For the ChMeetings team, this October has been yet another month during which we have been working on developing new features, this time focused on helping your church strengthen the community. Please, keep reading to find out what’s new. We hope you find it all as exciting and useful as we do.



Your ChMeetings Groups can now have a photo attached to them, which will be displayed all across the app. In addition, you can use advanced filters to search your Groups. Last, but not least, Members now have a Groups section within their main menu, where they can see the groups that they are part of. You can choose whether a group should be displayed to Members or not.



When adding a new contribution, you can now choose to view or close the current batch. Additionally, tracking is now available for contributions coming from non-members / Contacts (e.g.: event guests, former members still donating, visitors, or organizations). A separate tab within the All Contributions section allows you to browse, search and get in touch with these external contributors. You can generate end of year statements for Contacts; and printed statements can now be sorted by first name, last name or envelope number. (Contacts / Non-Member Contributors is a paid feature.)


Member Access

In the Member Access area, there are improvements to the Builder and the Blog. You can now choose how to align the text for the following cards: Link, Video, Audio, Form, Upcoming Events, Article, and Page. The Blog has been enhanced with Categories, which editors can use to categorize posts (including multiple categories per post); and members can filter posts by, when browsing.



Diocese users now have the option to change the home church for a member, and track the history of these changes via the member’s Profile, and via a Home Church Log Report. Moreover, Dioceses and large churches can now use ChMeetings to organize elections. The feature lets admins manage the election process at every stage, and members nominate and vote for candidates.


Other Features (Events and Communication)

Two other features released this October are:

  1. Event payment by check: If someone pays by check, you can add the check number to ChMeetings.
  2. Multiple WhatsApp Instances: When you want to contact someone on WhatsApp, via the ChMeetings mobile app, you can now choose which instance to use to initiate the conversation. This is useful if, for example, you have both WhatsApp Standard and Business installed on your mobile device.


As always, we welcome your feedback and invite you to check our our Release Notes page regularly, for more frequent updates.

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