ChMeetings Updates for the End of 2022

We are, slowly, but surely, getting closer and closer to the end of 2022. So, the ChMeetings team has been busy implementing the features you need to improve your work and make this year-end memorable. We have quite the list, so here we go: 


You can now create Pledge Campaigns to gather contribution pledges from members. Collect for specific funds, automatically track members’ payments compared to pledged amounts, and include pledges in statements. Learn more.



There is a new Kiosk Mode on the Check In screen, which attendants can use to check in themselves. You will also notice that the Registration section has been moved to a separate tab within the Events editing window – for better organization. Here, you can now choose the number of available tickets per ticket type; as well as per event. In the Recurring Events Report, you can now filter by Attendance (All, Attended, or Absent).



There is a new main menu section for Statements, under Contributions. Here is where you can generate Contribution Statements; as well as create and store Statement Templates. Churches based in Canada now have a template available for Canadian Donation Receipts. Moreover, you can now switch people between members to non-members, for contribution management purposes. Filtering all contributions has been improved with a Tax Deductible filter for funds, and with a Birthday/Age filter, plus an Age Distribution chart. 


Member Access

You can now add Twitter to the Builder Social Media Card. Also, the card now shows improved icons for all supported social networks. In the Blog, we added an option to view a list of members who have liked an article.



Group Visibility can be configured in more detail, with options to allow members to view the group itself, or to see its members, leaders or both. The page where members view groups has also been redesigned to display the group name, description and photo, as well as the list of members (if enabled), leaders (if enabled), and group-related events. Group Leaders may be granted permission to add and remove people to and from groups.


Other features

The other features we released this month are the following:


We hope that you find these features valuable and useful. As always, we welcome your feedback and we invite you to read our release notes if you’d like to be updated more often. 

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