ChMeetings Updates for Q1-2022

ChMeetings Updates for Q1-2022

ChMeetings Updates for Q1-2022 is our first update for you in 2022, and we hope you’ve had a good first quarter. For our team, it has been a time of focus on providing churches with the tools they need for their meaningful missions. This is why, for the first three months of 2022, we have worked on significant improvements to our existing features, and on adding new ones, which we hope you will enjoy. Without further ado, here’s what’s new::


Volunteer Scheduling / Rota

When you organize a church event, you can now manage volunteers, using ChMeetings. This feature lets you configure the roles you need volunteers for, who the leader is, and how many people are needed per role. You can add volunteers for each role, per event or occurrence, and generate a sheet that you can print and use to organize volunteers on-site. 

This is a paid feature.


ACH / Direct Transfer

Churches in the United States can now use ACH to collect donations online. ACH is an easy way for members to transfer money from their bank account to yours, by simply filling our a few bank details on your donations page.



The Blog is a place for your church to publish announcements, updates, articles, and anything meant to be shared with either users, members or the wider public. The Blog provides you with essential editing tools to create and share content via ChMeetings user and member accounts, direct links or Article Cards which you can place on your Guest / Member View. 

This is a paid feature.


Map People

There is now a map that you can use to see at-a-glance where your members are located. A pin will be added where a member is located, and if you click on it, you can see who that is and where. You can zoom in and out and scroll through the map to view each region in more or less detail. There is also a Satellite View and an option to extend the map to full screen. The feature is available in the People module, under Bulk Actions. 

This is a paid feature.

Map People - ChMeetings Updates for Q1-2022


Other Updates

This has been a busy time for our team and we have released quite a lot of features. So, to keep it short and simple for you, here is a quick list of the other features we released since the beginning of 2022”

    1. Events:
      1. Partial event payments – For those times when you want to charge for a church event, but still keep it affordable. 
      2. Self-check-in using a QR code – Members can simply scan a QR code to check into your event when they arrive.
      3. Send emails and text messages to the guests of an event – People don’t have to be registered as members to receive communication from your church. 
  • Contributions & Online Giving
      1. Add donating guests as members – This is now possible with a cou[p;le of clicks.
      2. Embeddable donations page – Add it anywhere on the web where you can embed HTML code. 
      3. Improvements to the Contributions area – Member profile pictures are now displayed, and you can sort or show / hide columns. 
      4. Payment status and fees are now displayed for Online Giving – This allows you to have a better view over your online giving, at any point in time.
  • Other Features:
    1. Members can now save their credit cards for future event payments or donations. 
    2. Get an email when a form is submitted – For those times when you want to be extra connected. 

We hope you’ll find these features useful and as always, we welcome your feedback. Please, feel free to stay in touch and stay tuned to our Release Notes page for future updates.

Until next time, we wish you the very best.

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