ChMeetings Updates for May 2023

This May, the ChMeetings team has worked on enhancing the information flow within the application. New features expand across several areas, and we’re happy to share them with you in this monthly product update. Here’s what’s new:



We optimized event organization and payments as follows:

  • There’s a new All Payments page where you can see and manage all event-related payments in one place. 
  • People profiles now have a Volunteering tab to see someone’s activity and others volunteering for the same event. If you enable the permission, volunteers themselves can see each other in this tab. Additionally, you and your volunteers can block out dates when they are unavailable. 
  • Child name tags can now contain two custom fields, while parent nametags can include the child’s name.
  • You can use a QR code reader for checkin & checkout, including in kiosk mode.
  • In Kiosk mode, the camera now defaults to the front device camera; you can switch to the rear.



Now you can exclude archived people from contributor lists or statements. Additionally, when editing pledge campaigns, you can apply start/end dates and fund edits to all pledges within the respective campaign.



Exports now include .pdf; you can update people’s profile pictures using form fields; and set detailed permissions to view, add, edit, or delete forms. 



The Family Report now lets you send families texts, emails, or push notifications. From the Email History and Notification History Reports, you can edit scheduled emails or notifications that were not yet sent. Moreover, you can send SMS as an automated task; and choose what time the task should run daily.


Member Access

In the Online Member Directory, the Home Phone is now more easily visible on the person’s/family’s tile (if the member did not choose to hide it). In addition, the Builder now supports YouTube Playlists in the Video Card; and Google Drive audio files through the Audio Card.


We hope that these new features have a positive impact on your work and community. We welcome your feedback and invite you to read our Release Notes for more frequent updates. 

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