ChMeetings Updates for August 2023

We are excited to get back to you with news about how ChMeetings grows together with your church. In August, we have been working on improving your and your members’ experiences across various areas within the app. 

But before we move on to the feature updates, we are happy to announce that we have started creating video guides for ChMeetings. For now, you can find overview videos for some of our core features here. More are coming soon.

Now, let’s see what else is new:



You can now create volunteering signup sheets and send invite emails or push notifications for people to sign up. Additionally, you can enable registration even after creating the event, provided no attendance exists.



People management has been enhanced with a Nickname field and a family photo for the member directory (printed and online). You can now include the church address in the printed member directory. Additionally, you can choose whether to make the birth year mandatory in people’s profiles.


Member Access

The Builder lets you hide the blog from the members’ main menu. If you have a paid account, the Builder is where you can manage elements such as welcome messages or links. This can be done using the Description and Link cards. These features are still available for free users in the Member Access Settings area.


Online Giving

You can now set up fund-specific online giving by sharing a link or QR code for the fund you want people to contribute to.



You can now download event-related reports from the mobile app, exclude archived people from the Recurring Events Report, and see how many emails were open (from the Email History Report).


Other updates

  • A new permission allows Group Leaders to edit the groups they are running.
  • The Member View has moved the My Organizations section under My Giving.
  • We added support for diacritics in languages such as French or Spanish.
  • In Diocese accounts, members can join other churches while keeping their home church unchanged.

We hope you find these new features helpful and invite you to get in touch if you need us and to read our  Release Notes for regular updates.

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