ChMeetings Updates for January 2023

The first month of 2023 is already over, and as usual, the ChMeetings team have been working hard to bring you more features to help you improve your workflow. This January, we have focused on enhancing several aspects of the platform to increase efficiency. Here are the features that we have worked on this month: 



  1. Attendance Tracking: There is a new Attendance widget that you can add to the Admin Dashboard. This widget displays statistics for the event attendance within the past 30 days and helps you get a good idea of your events’ popularity. The Attendance Report can now be filtered by Gender, Group, Event, and City.
  2. Cancel Event Registrations in Bulk: You can now select multiple registrations under an event’s People & Tickets section, then cancel all these registrations in a couple of clicks.
  3. Volunteer Schedule Calendar View: You now have a Calendar View to see and schedule volunteers for your events.



  1. Import Groups: You can import groups from a spreadsheet by going to Settings > Tools > Import Groups.
  2. Advanced Group Description Editor: The Group Description field is now a WYSIWYG editor, which gives you the option to add links, upload images, use HTML, and more.


Member Access Builder 

  1. Image Card: You can use the Image card to add click-to-enlarge images to your pages.
  2. Move Cards Between Pages: If you use pages, you can move cards between them.


Follow Ups

  1. Recurring Follow Ups: There is now an option to set up recurring follow ups. The next one is automatically created whenever a follow-up instance is marked as done. 
  2. Improved User Experience for Follow Ups: the user interface has been improved, and it is now easier to update Follow Up Statuses


New Language

Starting with this release, ChMeetings is available in South Korean (Beta). Administrators can change the default app language from Settings > Account Settings, while members can change it for their instance from Settings > Change Language. 

We hope these features help you work more efficiently and improve the church experience for your members. We would love to stay in touch. If you’d like to keep up with our regular news, please check our Release Notes, which we provide every time we release an update to ChMeetings.

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