ChMeetings Updates for April 2023

In April 2023, the ChMeetings Team worked on improving the Events experience, allowing you to manage contributions better and to improve content publishing via the Builder. Here is a detailed view of what’s new this month in your ChMeetings app:



You can now publish events or open and close registration on a specific date and time


For paid events, you can enable discounts for groups or early-bird registrations; or you can create promo codes.


Additionally, when assigning volunteers, there are dedicated tabs that let you find the people you need faster. Recurring events have a Recent tab listing members who recently volunteered for an occurrence of the event, while one-time events have a Registered Members tab listing people who have registered to participate in the event and who may want to volunteer. Volunteer Roles are now included in event copies.



The charts displaying contributions over time and the number of contributors now provide a year-over-year comparison.


The Funds section now displays a column listing the number of contributions and one listing the total amount per fund. Additionally, the fund comparison chart can be set to display a specific period of time.



There is a new RSS Feed card that you can use to link an RSS feed to your church page. Additionally, the Video Card now lets you embed a YouTube Playlist.

Moreover, you can allow someone to manage the Builder without having to grant access to member information. 


Other Features

Some other features implemented this April are: 

  1. Sort the printed member directory by family,
  2. Style shared calendars as a list or as tiles. 

We hope these new features help improve your work and have a positive impact on your community We welcome your feedback and invite you to read our Release Notes for more frequent updates. 

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