Effective Communication During the COVID-19 Pandemic

5 Ways ChMeetings Will Benefit Your Congregation

There’s no question that COVID-19 has wreaked havoc in almost every sector of society over the past few months, also in congregations. For many, it means no more gathering with members or even leaders.

But does that mean you can’t continue serving your community? Not at all!

All you need to do is harness the power of technology to still create a sense of community between members. With online tools and high-tech features, you can keep on functioning, so you’re stronger than ever once the pandemic has passed.


How can Social and Business Platforms Help You?

Software engineers already created multiple tools meant to enhance communication between people across the globe. Whether it’s designed for business or social purposes, don’t underestimate how it can benefit you:

  • Because so many people use Facebook, a church page can attract attention to your projects.
  • Use Zoom and Google Hangouts for effective communication with your leaders to optimizes management.
  • No one has to go without weekly impartation because you can upload sermons, music, and other messages to YouTube for everyone to view.

5 ChMeetings Features that Optimizes Church Communication

Of course, you also need tools specifically designed for congregations, such as ChMeetings, to enjoy the best results during this time. Below we list five of the most popular features you can try out first on the ChMeetings platform. These features improve church communication for thousands of leaders across the globe, so perhaps you want to try them too?

Send a ChMeetings Email

Email is STILL an optimal way of staying in contact with your audience because most people have email addresses. Along with the MailChimp integration on ChMeetings this becomes a simple way to stay in touch, because you can create multiple lists. Send relevant information to different groups so no one feels ‘spammed’ by information that don’t affect them.

Creating templates will save you time and the scheduling feature helps your leaders plan for the week ahead, so communication isn’t forgotten once the week gets hectic.

And don’t worry: this medium can still seem personal because you can automatically add each individual’s name to the message.

Desktop Email People -

Use Text & Voice Messages

Texting and voice messages are part of modern society’s communication these days so your members will appreciate your moving with the times. On ChMeetings you have multiple options, whether you have a free or paid for plan:

  • Send text messages via the app: You’ll use your own credit and your number will be displayed. The benefit is having everyone’s data on hand via ChMeetings, instead of typing everything into your mobile phone.
  • Purchase credit from ChMeetings to send text messages via the web or app: This is ideal if you plan on sending many messages during the pandemic. You can personalize them, schedule sending, view replies and even use the voice message option.
  • Navigate to Settings and then ‘Integrations’ and activate a Twilio account so you can integrate it with your ChMeetings data.

Promote with Push Notifications

Push notifications is THE way you keep your members updated. Perhaps you just want to remind them of your next live event or online broadcast.

It’s a quick, simple process to get everyone onboard:

  • Invite all your members with email addresses: On your People Page you’ll find a bulk action to ‘Invite to Member Access’.
  • These members need to log in on ChMeetings.
  • Start sending notifications and those who registered will get your church news.

Create Functional Forms

Forms are helpful in many church tasks:

  • Event administration.
  • Feedback forms.
  • Launching surveys to gauge members’ opinions for future planning.
  • Facilitating ongoing engagement, especially in a time when you can’t gather as you used to.

However, your congregation is unique, so you need custom forms to obtain the information YOU need. This becomes easy with ChMeetings’ user friendly form design option.

As a bonus you can view which forms each member has submitted so you know who to remind to submit theirs.

Desktop Form -

Share Your Calendar

Members respond more when they’re given ample information. When you share the latest details about upcoming events, online meetings or projects, you’ll get more people to participate but during the pandemic you may not see them on a weekly basis anymore. Thanks to ChMeetings you can share calendar events on your website and even sync it to Google so everyone can still view the latest details about your activities.

The ChMeetings platform empowers you to manage privacy settings so only relevant role players will be able to see each item on the schedule.

Desktop Share Calendar -

See? Technology can help you cope and even flourish as a congregation during a challenging time.

Need any other assistance? Share below and we’ll tell you how we can assist.

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