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5 Ways to Increase Giving This Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is one of the best times of the church year to raise money. Easter Sunday is a time that symbolizes renewal, as it restores our faith in God and our respect for Jesus and his sacrifice for us all.

We give because God gave a son for us, and it is no surprise that Easter Sunday is when people are more likely to give to their churches. You’ll need those funds to support your parish and continue whatever outreach plans you will manage.

The challenge of getting people to give on Easter Sunday can still be tough, especially as people aren’t always willing to part with their hard-earned money. But there are many ways how you can increase giving for the Easter Sunday holiday. You’ll also have to review how you’re getting everyone on the same page when reviewing your giving plans.

1- Plan Online Auctions

You can establish a few online auctions where you can raise money by selling off appealing gift baskets to people who make donations. You can post information on what you are auctioning online and direct your followers to a site where they can securely bid on something.

You can auction off Easter gift baskets that include various things that might interest your parishioners. One basket might have a voucher for a fancy Easter meal, another can have chocolates, and another can feature tickets to a local sporting event.

2- Fun Runs Are Always Welcome

Fun runs are often great events to hold, as you can get people to participate in a run or walk event. The event can include people getting together for a good walk, or people can compete for a grand prize in a 5K or 10K run.

Fun run event

You can attract donors of all sorts, from groups of people who want to come out to people training for more competitive races elsewhere. You’ll collect funds through the registration fees people pay to participate in the event.

3- Bring In Arts and Crafts

Easter is a time for people to get together and enjoy the new spring season. The blooming trees and warmer weather make it the perfect time for people to get out of the winter doldrums. You can use this point to help raise money by planning events where people can gather and participate in arts and crafts activities.

You could plan a ticketed event where people can come into your church and build various arts and crafts pieces. You could also sell different kits for people who want to craft their items at home. Whether it’s a crochet doll, a nice kitchen towel, or even a birdhouse, you’ve got many craft options to explore, so look at what might fit your local area when planning something special.

4- The Classic Bake Sale

The bake sale is one of the most common measures churches use to raise funds because it is so popular. People will be interested in finding baked goods of all sorts.

Classic bake sale

You can be as creative as you want with your bake sale. You can challenge people to prepare specific types of foods, possibly things for every part of an Easter meal. 

5- Raffles Are Great If Planned Well

A raffle for a special gift or prize can also be helpful, although this would work if you plan your effort right. In addition to considering the type of prize and how much it costs, you’ll also have to review how much it costs for each entry into the raffle. You’ll need to create something fair to where people want to donate, but you don’t want to make it too expensive to cover the cost of whatever you got for the raffle.

3 Important Points For Whatever Measure You Choose

All these measures can help you raise church funds, but you’ll also have to know how you’re getting people to see what giving opportunities you’ve got. There are a few steps you can use to get people aware of what’s happening:

1- Increase communication surrounding your offerings.

Provide details on your church offerings through your mass programs, social media platforms, or even through signs at your church. Make sure people are fully aware of what you’re doing, and you’ll find it easy to highlight your offerings.

2- Repetition is essential to your message.

Be sure to repeat information on your giving opportunities often. You can highlight those points weeks before the Easter holiday comes around, for example. Make sure the messages are consistent throughout each platform you utilize as well.

3- Use your church management team to facilitate the giving task.

Have as many people on your management team as possible work on highlighting upcoming giving opportunities. Get everyone on the same page by helping everyone become aware of what’s happening, what steps you’re taking to promote your work, and how you’ll get everything organized beforehand.

One way how you can get your management team on the ball involves using ChMeetings, a software program that help you track and organize your church group members and track donations, events, and other factors. Your management group can get in touch with church members about giving opportunities and remind them of upcoming events at your church.

The ChMeetings platform can help your church stay in touch with parishioners, employees, and other parties. ChMeetings can also help you plan services and arrange outreach data as necessary, giving you the power to do more with how you reach people.

A Final Note For Success

Remember when working to increase how people give money during the Easter Sunday holiday that this time of year is one that is filled with many meanings. People will feel encouraged during this holiday because they know their faith will be restored and confirmed.

Look at how you’re encouraging people to give during Easter Sunday, and think about the different measures you can take. Make sure you also keep everyone in your church in the know about what you’re offering.


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