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Vacation Bible School (VBS): 2024 Updates and Essential Music Playlists

Each summer, a wave of excitement washes over churches as Vacation Bible School (VBS) swings into action. More than just childcare, VBS is a vibrant cornerstone of summer activities, designed to be joyful, engaging, and spiritually enriching for children. 

This guide details how to plan and execute a VBS effectively, explores exciting themes for 2024, and highlights the integral role of music in enhancing the whole experience.

1. How to Do Vacation Bible School (VBS)

VBS is a summertime staple at many churches. It offers a rich program packed with activities, songs, and stories. VBS also provides a valuable social outlet, allowing them to make new friends and build relationships with other children and church members. Many programs even incorporate elements of service, encouraging participants to connect with their community in a meaningful way.

5 Steps to Plan a Successful VBS:

  1. Securing a Venue: Choose a location that is safe and spacious enough to accommodate your activities.
  2. Choosing a Theme: Select a theme that is interesting, age-appropriate, and aligns with your desired learning objectives.
  3. Recruiting Volunteers: Gather a team of enthusiastic individuals with diverse skill sets (teachers, craft leaders, game facilitators, etc.). Plan a volunteer training session to ensure everyone understands their roles and responsibilities.
  4. Marketing the Event: Promote your VBS well in advance through local communities, social media platforms, church bulletins, and flyers. Consider offering early registration discounts and hosting parent information sessions. Develop a catchy VBS slogan that reflects your theme.
  5. Set a Budget: Determine your program expenses (curriculum materials, snacks, crafts supplies, decorations) and potential fundraising opportunities.

Considerations for Age Groups and Duration:

  • Tailor the program to be age-appropriate in terms of content, activities, and language. Consider offering separate sessions for different age groups (preschool, elementary, and middle school).
  • Determine the duration that best suits your community’s needs. A typical VBS program lasts for one week, but shorter or extended options are also available.

Daily Activities Overview:

  • Engage children with a mix of Bible studies, interactive games, worship sessions, and themed crafts, each designed to reinforce the daily biblical theme.
  • Consider incorporating guest speakers, field trips (local zoo, museum), and service projects into the schedule to provide a well-rounded experience.
  • Plan for opening and closing ceremonies that set the tone for the week.

4 Tips on Making VBS Fun and Educational:

  • Interactive Learning: Use storytelling, role-playing, hands-on activities, and technology integration (educational apps, interactive games) to fully engage children and help them absorb the teachings.
  • Visual Aids: Utilize decorations, costumes, puppets, and multimedia presentations to enhance the learning process.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Provide a supportive and encouraging environment where children feel comfortable participating and asking questions. Celebrate their achievements and contributions throughout the week.
  • Safety First: Develop a comprehensive safety plan that includes emergency procedures, allergy protocols, and supervision guidelines.

2. Vacation Bible School 2024

In 2024, VBS programs are expected to embrace technology with VR and interactive apps alongside traditional activities. New and exciting thematic twists, along with fresh themes based on current trends, are anticipated to keep VBS programs engaging for children. Here are a few examples:

  • Breaker Rock Beach: This exciting theme emphasizes timeless biblical truths like the unwavering nature of God’s word through activities that discover the wonders of the ocean and the concept of standing firm in faith.
  • Scuba VBS: Embark on an underwater adventure where children learn about God’s creation and the importance of stewardship through interactive games, crafts, and Bible studies.
  • WildLIVE!: Get ready for a wild adventure as children encounter fascinating animals and delve into the Bible’s message of God’s love and provision for all his creations.
  • Camp Firelight: Gather around the virtual campfire for a cozy VBS. It fosters friendship, courage, and faith through campfire-themed activities, stories, and songs.
  • Start the Party!: A party theme that teaches children about God’s love and the importance of sharing His message with others.

3. Vacation Bible School Songs

Music plays a pivotal role in VBS, offering a vibrant atmosphere that helps cement the spiritual lessons learned throughout the program. Upbeat music energizes children, catchy melodies make key messages memorable, and group singing fosters a sense of community and shared faith.

Examples of Popular Songs (Across Different Themes):

  • Classics like “This is the Day” and “I’ve Got the Joy” continue to inspire celebration and worship among participants.
  • Themes often have their own signature songs that reinforce the central message. For example, “Standing on the Rock” from Breaker Rock Beach emphasizes the theme of unwavering faith.

Tips on Selecting Music That Aligns with the Theme and Message:

  • Choose age-appropriate songs with lyrics that are easy for children to understand and sing along to.
  • Select songs that complement the daily themes and messages, enhancing the overall VBS narrative.
  • Consider incorporating a variety of musical styles (contemporary Christian, traditional hymns) to cater to different preferences and keep the program exciting.

4 Ideas for Integrating Music Activities into the VBS Schedule:

  • Plan interactive music sessions where children can sing along, learn new songs, and participate in call-and-response activities.
  • Encourage movement and expression through dance routines or simple gestures that reinforce the song’s message.
  • Organize musical games like freeze dance or musical chairs with a VBS modification, incorporating Bible verses or themes into the gameplay.
  • Consider incorporating opportunities for children to create their musical instruments using recycled materials and explore basic music concepts like rhythm and melody.

By following this guide, your VBS program has the potential to be transformative. VBS fosters a supportive community where friendships blossom and positive memories are made – the laughter during games, the thrill of discovery, and the unifying power of song. 

These experiences can leave a lasting impression, shaping a child’s perspective and reminding them of the importance of faith in their lives. So, as you embark on this endeavor, remember the profound impact you can have. With careful planning and a commitment to a pleasant and fulfilling atmosphere, your VBS can be a beacon of faith and a source of lasting memories for all involved.


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