Mother's Day Sermons

Mother’s Day Sermons

Mother’s Day is one of the most prominent holidays in the year. Held in May in most parts of the world, with the 2024 edition being on May 12, Mother’s Day celebrates motherhood and the value of mothers in society. It is a time to celebrate the women in our lives who have meant so much to us over the years.

The Mother’s Day season is a valuable time of the year, and your church can celebrate the holiday through a special sermon. You can plan one of many sermons to honor the mothers in our lives and the mother figures we share, not to mention the many women aiming to be mothers in the future.

But the challenge of figuring out a suitable Mother’s Day sermon can be more complex to manage than you realize. Your church members might have different connections with their mothers. Some women have been struggling to have a child, while other people might have lost a mother or have an estranged relationship with a mother. Whatever the case, you’ll need to plan a sensible sermon that is right for the holiday while encouraging a sense of positivity.

Ruth’s Will to Trust God

Another similar story to look at for your sermon involves the story of Hannah, as featured in 1 Samuel 1. In this chapter, Hannah prays to God and asks for a son and eventually makes a vow to God to ensure that she and her son will follow God’s word. Hannah soon gave birth to a son named Samuel, and Hannah and her son committed themselves to follow God. This measure eventually led to Samuel becoming a judge who anointed Saul and David, the first kings of Israel.

The lesson of this story is that while it is hard to see what God does, positive things will happen when we give our lives to God and show our respect. Hannah did this to ensure she would have a son, and she not only had the son that she wanted, but that son would become one of God’s most trusted allies.

Mothers are often fearful of what can happen in their lives. They might worry about whether they are doing things right or if their children will turn out well. But the need to trust God and understand the lessons of the Bible is important, as the Bible is filled with many stories and concepts that mothers can take to heart. When they consider what the Bible says and how women can triumph over many struggles when they trust God, it becomes easier for women to move forward and stay strong in their lives.

Connection to Gifts

We often think about different Mother’s Day gifts every year, from books to plants to candles and everything in between. You can incorporate this concept into a Mother’s Day sermon by discussing how the Lord’s grace can be present in all gifts.

Flowers for mother's day

The story of Elijah and the widow in 1 Kings 17 is a concept you can introduce in your sermon. In this story, God commands a widow to help prepare food with the last of her flour as Elijah visits her. God chose the widow to serve Elijah because of her appreciation of the Lord’s word, and eventually she and Elijah were fed and never ran out of flour.

The story shows that God’s grace is possible for everyone if they believe and remain positive in everything they do in their lives. God will be able to help people when they follow and respect God’s word.

Holding Courage

Courage is an essential virtue for mothers to hold, as women who are courageous and strong can do anything. The Book of Esther is filled with many stories you can include in your sermon. Esther’s bravery and her willingness to trust in God and stay strong helped her become the Queen of Persia.

While Esther’s life was filled with more pressure than what a typical mother might experience, mothers can learn from Esther. Esther’s decisions to help protect her people and save Persia were important to her, as she showed her wisdom and her willingness to consider others alongside herself. Mothers can use this concept to understand how they can interact with others, a point that is especially critical to mothers who might have strained relationships with other family members.

Mother's day gifts from baby


Mother’s Day is a great holiday where we honor and respect the mothers and other women in our lives. Your Mother’s Day sermon can incorporate various ideas surrounding God’s word and the importance of mothers and how they can be strong people.

The positivity of this holiday is important for people to explore, even if they have struggled with their relationships with their mothers. Your Mother’s Day sermon can be something that illustrates this point. Be sure when planning your sermon that you understand what you wish to convey and that you have a positive outlook for how you want to share your values, as Mother’s Day is a time for inspiration and hope for all mothers.

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