Church Conferences in 2024

Church Conferences in 2024

As we find ourselves in February 2024, church leaders are already experiencing the impactful unfolding’s of this year’s church conferences. These events, currently underway and scheduled throughout the year, are proving to be pivotal in shaping modern ministry approaches. Offering a blend of traditional wisdom and innovative practices, these conferences are essential meeting points for spiritual leaders seeking to navigate the current trends and challenges of their vocations.

These conferences are not just yearly occurrences but pivotal moments of connection and growth. They provide a platform for church leaders to exchange transformative ideas, engage in enriching discussions, and adopt new strategies tailored to contemporary ministry needs. With a lineup ranging from deeply rooted theological discussions to the incorporation of technology in church activities, these gatherings are vital for renewing vision and strengthening leadership in today’s dynamic ministry landscape.

In this exploration, we begin by highlighting significant pastors’ conferences across the United States, each offering unique opportunities for development, networking, and inspiration in the ever-evolving journey of church leadership.


Major Pastors’ Conferences in the United States


Pastors conference 2024 in the United States
Pastors conference 2024 in the United States


As we progress through 2024, the United States is actively hosting a dynamic series of conferences. Here are the top seven conferences, followed by a list of other notable events:

  1. Global Leadership Summit (August 8-9, South Barrington, Illinois):

    Celebrating 30 years of leadership growth, this summit offers a live-streamed experience to a global audience, featuring speakers like Mike Krzyzewski and Molly Fletcher​​. Cost: Individual – $179

  2. Shepherds Conference (March 6-8, Sun Valley, California):

    This conference emphasizes biblical ministry and provides an environment for encouragement and community among church leaders​​. Pricing details to be announced.

  3. Church Leaders Conference (April 23-24, Dallas, Texas):

    A diverse gathering that welcomes church leaders in various roles, from senior pastors to A/V techs, providing a broad range of enriching experiences​​​​. Cost: Individual – $199, Groups with 6+ $179

  4. Drive Conference (May 1-2, Alpharetta, Georgia):

    Focused on post-pandemic ministry strategies, this event is geared towards equipping church teams with innovative ideas and practical tools​​. Pricing details not yet available.

  5. Engage Conference (February 28, 2024, Online):

    This free online conference is designed to help churches prepare for Easter, with a focus on building attendance and volunteer strategies​​. 

  6. Renegade Pastors Conference (February 28-March 1, 2024, Online):

    Offering advanced leadership insights and practical tips for ministry, this free online event is dedicated to helping pastors maximize their impact in 2024​​. Cost: currently free as mentioned (Regular cost: $599).

  7. Exponential Conference (March 4-7, 2023, Orlando, Florida):

    With a theme centered on disciple-making, this conference brings together over 5,000 leaders and practitioners​​. Cost: $169


Other Notable Conferences in 2024:


    1. Outcomes Conference (April 9-11, Jacksonville, Florida):

      An event focusing on professional development and leadership training. Cost: $849 for members, $1,049 for non-members​​.

    2. Orange Conference (April 23-25, Atlanta, Georgia):

      A training session for youth and teen ministry leaders. Cost: $319​​

    3. Rethink Leadership (April 23-25, Duluth, Georgia):

      For executive pastors, this event concentrates on the challenges and opportunities pastors have for modern church operations. Cost: $319​​

    4. ARC Conference (April 23-24, Birmingham, Alabama):

      A church planting conference, people can learn about how to launch and operate successful churches. Cost: $199​​

    5. Thrive Conference (May 1-3, Roseville, California):

      Inspiring participants on how to manage their churches, this event also includes networking opportunities for pastors. Cost:  $149​​

    6. Leadercast Live (May 8, Hybrid Attendance):

      Participants can learn about helpful ways to develop habits for running their churches. Pricing not available.

    7. Vous Conference (June 20-22, Miami, Florida):

      A conference on helping pastors learn how to establish positive communications and relationships with the communities they serve. Cost: GA – $160, GA Preferred – $200​​​​.

    8. S2 Conference East (June 25-27, Fishers, Indiana):

      Includes breakout sessions helping people find personalized approaches to leading their churches. Cost: $169​​.

    9. BLDRS Conference (July 9-10, Baltimore, Maryland):

      Participants can discover different discipleship models their parishes can follow. Cost:  $99​​

    10. Running Together (July 9-12, Lexington, Kentucky)

      The Church Network’s 68th Annual Conference, bringing together Chrisian church administrative leaders. Cost: $799 to attend the full conference; $429 to attend for one day.

    11. Motion (July 25-27, Birmingham, Alabama):

      A youth pastor experience, Motion is an empowerment session devoted to helping pastors learn how to reach the youth of today. Pricing not available​​​​.

    12. First Impressions Conference (November 9, Location TBD):

      This conference concentrates on helping people understand what they can do to encourage new church visitors to stick around. Pricing to be announced.

    13. S2 Conference West (November 12-14, Phoenix, Arizona):

      This conference concentrates on different opportunities for how people can offer a modern approach to running a church. $169

This comprehensive line-up of conferences across the United States promises a wealth of learning and networking opportunities for church leaders. Next, we shift our focus to Canada, where an array of innovative church conferences are set to take place, each contributing uniquely to the landscape of church leadership and ministry.


Innovative Canadian Church Conferences


Canadian Church Conferences


As we shift our gaze northward, Canada is set to host a variety of enriching church conferences in 2024, each offering unique opportunities for spiritual growth and leadership development. Let’s explore some of the notable ones:

  1. Rise Up Seminar (March 2, 2024, Valhalla Lutheran Church, Alberta):

    This seminar focuses on empowering church leaders and members with new strategies for growth and community engagement.

  2. 2024 Stronger Conference (April 29, 2024, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Barrie):

    Aimed at strengthening church leaders, this conference offers a mix of inspirational sessions and practical workshops.

  3. Cultivate: Church Planting Conference 2024 (May 2, 2024, St. Andrew’s Hall, Vancouver):

    This event is designed specifically for church planters, providing valuable insights and networking opportunities.

  4. Corporis 2024: Mission in Action (February 23, 2024, West London Alliance Church):

    Focusing on missionary work and community outreach, this conference is ideal for pastors and leaders looking to expand their church’s global impact.

  5. International Pastors And Leadership Conference Canada (August 16-19, 2024, Edmonton, Alberta):

    With a registration fee of $108.55, this conference offers a platform for pastors and leaders to gather, share experiences, and learn from each other​​.

  6. ABM Conference Program 2024 in Canada (August 4-11, 2024, Edmonton, Alberta):

    This event, with a registration fee of $600 USD, is designed to equip and empower church leaders and pastors, featuring distinguished speakers and workshops​​.

In addition to these, Canada will host several other conferences that cater to a wide range of interests and needs within the church leadership community. These events promise to be a source of inspiration, knowledge, and community building for all attendees.


Online and Hybrid Conference Options


Hybrid Conference


The landscape of church conferences in 2024 isn’t just confined to physical locations. A significant trend is the rise of online and hybrid options, providing greater accessibility and flexibility for church leaders worldwide. These options offer the full depth of in-person conferences but with the added convenience of digital participation. To highlight a few: 

  1. Engage Conference (Feb 28, Online):

    Free, focused on Easter prep and enhancing church involvement.

  2. Renegade Pastors Conference (Feb 28-Mar 1, Online):

    Free, offering in-depth leadership skills and ministry strategies.

  3. Leadercast Live (May 8, Hybrid):

    Blends in-person and online participation, focusing on leadership growth.

  4. Motion Conference (July 25-27, Birmingham, Alabama with Online Options):

    Inspiring content with global online access.

  5. Global Leadership Summit (August 8-9, South Barrington, Illinois with Online Streaming):

    Widely accessible summit with a diverse range of speakers and sessions.

These diverse online and hybrid conferences exemplify the evolving nature of church leadership forums in 2024, making them more inclusive and accessible.


Specialized Themes and Focus Areas

This year brings a variety of conferences that hone in on specific areas of ministry, offering a deeper exploration into niche topics. Imagine sessions dedicated to the intersection of creativity and faith, where artistic expression meets spiritual guidance. Picture workshops where youth leadership is not just discussed, but strategies for empowering the next generation are actively workshopped. These gatherings are custom-designed for those seeking to expand their expertise in particular facets of ministry, from innovative outreach methods to modern approaches in community engagement.


Budget-Conscious Choices

Recognizing the varying financial resources of church communities, 2024 offers a selection of conferences that emphasize affordability. These gatherings are a testament to the belief that financial constraints should not impede access to valuable learning and networking. With options ranging from modestly priced to entirely complimentary, these events open doors for a diverse array of church leaders. They represent a commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that growth in leadership and ministry skills is accessible to all, regardless of budgetary limits.



As we look ahead to the church conferences of 2024, we see a horizon filled with opportunities for growth, connection, and renewal. These gatherings are not just events on a calendar; they are milestones in the ongoing journey of faith leadership. So, let’s carry with us the anticipation of these upcoming gatherings. Let them be beacons in our ministry paths, guiding us towards greater understanding, deeper connections, and renewed purpose. And as we join hands with fellow leaders and learners, let us remember the words of Ecclesiastes 4:12 – “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” In unity, our collective strength and impact are magnified, woven together in a tapestry of faith and fellowship that spans across nations and generations.

Here’s to a year of impactful learning, heartfelt connections, and spiritual enrichment at the church conferences of 2024. May each one be a stepping stone to greater heights in our journey of faith and leadership.

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