What is Church Management Software?

Church Management Software (CHMS) is a specialized online platform designed to help congregations manage their day-to-day operations. From sending out emails to scheduling events, most church management software programs offer a variety of tools and features.

Additionally, church management software can help churches save time, reduce paperwork, and become more organized. It’s also an invaluable tool for pastors and other leaders to ensure their members have access to the resources they need. Here’s a look at what church management software is, why it’s important and how it can benefit your congregation.

Top Church Management Software Features

Church Management Software (chms church management) can help places of worship keep track of their members, and stay organized and up-to-date with their finances. What’s more, it can help streamline a church’s day-to-day operations. Here’s a list of features you should look for in church management software:

1. Member Database and Contacts Management

The first feature of any church management software is the member database. This feature allows users to quickly retrieve contact information and account history of members within their church or organization. Additionally, it allows them to store additional demographic data such as family relationships, giving records, volunteer activities, and the like.

2. Church Online Giving and Donation Tracking

Keeping track of donations made can be time-consuming without church management software and requires a manual entry for each donation received. With an integrated CHMS solution, you can easily set up an online giving platform that stores donor information along with the amount received, designating whether it is a one-time or recurring gift.

3. SMS & Email Communications Platforms

Many church management systems come with resources built in so churches can easily communicate to their members through email campaigns, SMS notifications, and letter drops – all from one platform! These automated communication systems ensure that your messages get sent directly to your congregation’s contacts when they need it most!

4. Event Planning & RSVP Tracking

Another great feature offered by most church management systems is event planning tools allowing churches to manage events from start to finish all under one roof. From setting up registration forms to tracking attendance through collecting feedback, these tools make hosting events much easier than ever before.

5. Staff Scheduling & Volunteering Platforms

Volunteerism drives many aspects of a parish or diocese’s operations – from worship services on Sunday mornings, bible study classes in the evenings, preparing Communion bread, or helping out at special events throughout the year. Church management software offers invaluable tools to help staff schedule volunteers when needed and make sure tasks are efficiently completed.

6. Financial Solutions

An often overlooked but also important offering found in many church management software involves financial management solutions making it easy to track progress on current projects as well as documenting results over time. You can also submit reports back to donors quickly when needed or manage your bookkeeping!

Additionally, financial tracking features help ensure money is going where it’s supposed to by having detailed insights into fund allocations used throughout the organization. This further enables real-time decisions while keeping everything properly filed.

The Benefits of Church Management Software

The first church management software had limited capabilities. But now you can get feature-rich platforms that allow you to complete a series of important tasks. With the right CHMS, you can experience many benefits to help your church grow such as:

  • The ability to access your CHMS dashboard no matter where you are
  • Create custom reports for churches
  • Create a church program for your service
  • Improve your connection with church members
  • Streamline donor management
  • Improve event management
  • Automate communications
  • Track member engagement levels

Using a management app for churches will make it easier for the people in your ministry to organize tasks. This frees up time to concentrate on other important projects around your church.

Who Needs Church Management Software?

A quality management app will be beneficial to you whether you manage a small church with a congregation of 200 people or you have a mega-church with over 2000 members. One of the reasons ministries use CHMS is because it improves communication among members. You can then keep everyone informed of updates, events, and developments so you can better serve God.

How to Choose the Right Church Management Software

Choosing the right church management software for your church is one of the most important decisions you can make for the future and success of your establishment. Choose a product that meets all of your requirements, from financial management and member engagement to communication, donations tracking, and other features. Here are factors you should consider.


Whether you’re accessing the CHMS on your smartphone or a computer, the platform must be user-friendly. You must be able to access menus and dashboards effortlessly. Furthermore, a slow system can affect workflow and increase frustration. ChMeetings has top-notch speed and performance to make working on your platform a breeze.


The main priority of any church is giving back to the community. So, the budget to buy management apps may be limited. Free church software is available but make sure that it offers the features you need. Church management software’s free features allow you to manage your organization without the high cost. ChMeetings offers free and affordable plans for any size church.


As mentioned before, not all CHMS are the same. You must choose a platform that has features to make running your church easier. This will make managing your services effortless, and it will also improve staff satisfaction. ChMeetings provides many features such as secure member access and events and check-ins.


You must choose a CHMS with excellent security features especially if you’re managing finances and donations. Make sure there are password login options. ChMeetings is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant.

What ChMeetings Can Do for Your Ministry

So how much does it cost to create a church app? Anywhere between $64,000 and $182,000. But if you need a more affordable solution ChMeetings can provide the resources you need to create a branded church app or smart technologies for diocesan.


Find out more about what ChMeetings can offer you by giving us a call at +1 (833) 778 0962 or emailing our team at info@chmeetings.com.


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