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Palm Sunday Sermon

Palm Sunday is one of the most critical events in the annual Christian calendar. Palm Sunday occurs on the Sunday before Easter, and for 2024 it will be on March 24.

You will likely have a more substantial audience at your church on Palm Sunday, as it comes right before many other prominent Christian holidays. There will be more people who will listen to your sermon on this day, so planning your sermon beforehand is critical to your success.

You can create a Palm Sunday sermon that is reflective of this time. You can use various ideas when considering how you will talk to your parishioners about this holiday.

The Basics of Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is a distinct day on the calendar because it is the start of the Holy Week. The day is when Jesus entered Jerusalem and was celebrated as the Messiah.

Jesus’ arrival marks the start of the final week of his life before his crucifixion. The Palm Sunday name comes from how people in Jerusalem waved palm branches to celebrate Jesus as he arrived in the land. Many people also placed their branches on the ground where Jesus walked.

The primary purpose of Palm Sunday is to remind people to bring Jesus into their hearts and minds. Like the people of Jerusalem back then, today’s people should look at how they can do their best to have Jesus be their leader.

During a Palm Sunday mass, people will often receive palm fronds to hold during mass. These fronds may appear in the shape of a cross in some cases. These fronds are blessed on the day before Palm Sunday or the morning of that day. People will receive these items as they enter the church building and will carry them into the church before the mass.

The pageantry and symbolism of the Palm Sunday mass make it an important day in the Christian calendar. You’ll need to plan a helpful sermon about this event to make it more memorable and meaningful.

The Trustworthiness of Jesus

You’ve got many options to consider when getting your Palm Sunday sermon ready. One idea to explore for a Palm Sunday sermon is to consider how important it is to have a trustworthy and respectful character. Jesus is shown in his arrival in Jerusalem as a benevolent and respectful person who understands the needs of people.

You can use the concept of Zechariah 9:9, a verse stating that the character of a leader will influence the character of the people who follow that person. You can introduce how Jesus is a trustworthy and respectful leader who understands the positive attributes people should have in their lives.

Feeling Free To Express One’s Faith

Another idea is to talk to people about how there is no need to be afraid to show their beliefs and faiths. Many people are afraid to openly live on Christian values and ideals. But the story of Palm Sunday can be one where you can show that people are willing to show their values if they have a leader they can trust.

You can cover many points in your sermon here, including talking about how the people of Jerusalem praised Jesus for the miracles he contributed to and how he was respected. You can discuss how people can use the same feelings they have for Jesus when being around others. The feelings of positivity and support for others can be encouraging and can even spread to other people.

You can refer to Luke 19:37 in this situation. This verse covers how Jesus’ disciples respected him as he arrived.

Palm Sunday Bible reading amidst palms and congregation

The Importance of Mercy

People have to show mercy and respect for one another, and you can include this point in your Palm Sunday sermon. Luke 19:41 states that Jesus was saddened by how Jerusalem was struggling to stay afloat. You can talk in your sermon about how important it is to convey mercy and respect for others. Showing respect and care can go a long way, especially as sharing those feelings with others will encourage those people to do the same with all people they meet.

Respecting Others and Taking Initiative

One other point to see surrounding your Palm Sunday sermon involves how you can share how important it is to follow Jesus’ words in respecting people. Part of this involves taking the initiative. You can tell people about how important it is for them to take the first step in showing respect and care for each other.

This sermon idea is inspired by John 12, where Jesus states that while he will not always be with others, his words can still live on. The chapter shows that while Jesus isn’t going to be there forever, his words can keep working so long as people take the initiative and respect others.


The meaning of your Palm Sunday sermon will be significant, as it is a sermon that entails one of the most important parts of the year. Be sure when looking at your Palm Sunday sermon that you look at what messages you can deliver. Look for something relevant to the season, and you’ll find it easy to talk to people during this particular time.

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