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How to Create a Church Logo

You can invite parishioners to your church in many ways, but the best way to bring them in involves conveying your beliefs and illustrating them in a way that makes sense. Your church logo is one tool that can explain to people what your church stands for.

A distinct logo with a suitable meaning can be alluring to potential parishioners. The logo will convey the general mission of your church.

But you’ll have to make a strong first impression, as it only takes a few moments for someone to decide if your church is worthwhile based on the logo. Knowing how to create a quality church logo is essential to success when working on your promotions.

5 Tips: How to Create a Logo For Your Church

The challenge of creating a church logo sounds easy, but it entails more than figuring out a suitable visual representation. You have to make a logo that conveys meaning and purpose.

You can use these steps to create a logo for your church:

Logo For Your Church


1- Review the general meaning of whatever you want to establish.

To start, figure out the general public persona you wish to illustrate, and take the remaining steps from there. The logo must include a message you want to send to your followers.

Color palette

2- Check your color palette.

The colors you utilize can also influence how people feel about your church, plus they may think differently about the attitude of your church. Many churches use lighter or muted colors to create a peaceful style, although a more vibrant color can work if you’re aiming for a younger audience. You can choose whatever colors you want to use so long as what you have is appropriate.

Church symbol

3- Determine what type of symbol you want to use.

Your third step is to review the symbol you’ll use and how it will appear in your logo. The symbols in your logo can reflect the message you want to send. A traditional cross is often appealing, but you can consider symbols like a dove or candle.

Emphasize the church symbol

4- Look at how you’re going to illustrate that symbol.

After figuring out the symbol you’ll use, you can create a plan for highlighting that symbol. You can have multiple shapes coming together to form that image, or you could establish a border or other surroundings around it. You can add additional colors to the symbol if you wish. Various graphic design programs can help you figure out what you want out of your logo.

Church typography logo

5- The typography will go last.

The typography can show that you’re a traditional or modern church. The typography refers to the way how the text will appear in your logo and other promotional assets. More contemporary churches use simplified text without hard edges or curves, while traditional churches have logos with more formal influences.

Church logo colors

What Makes a Good Church Logo?

The steps for producing your church logo can influence what people feel about your parish, but not all logos are alike. You can review a few points to help you go forward when creating your logo:

  • A logo can create a peaceful look that encourages potential worshipers to learn more about what the church offers.
  • The logo can also have symbolism and iconography that highlights what you want to promote the most in your work.
  • The logo should provide a message that shows your commitment to your faith. Whether it comes from the imagery you show or the text you use, there should be a design to whatever you’re managing.

Church Logo Ideas

The next point for creating your logo involves gathering the inspiration necessary to help you find a logo that fits. You can always look around online or in your community to get inspiration for what you can get from your logo. You’ve got a full array of ideas to explore when figuring out what might work:

  • Think about how the image you want to use is a metaphor for something you’re trying to illustrate.
  • You can produce a word map that helps you figure out what you want to discuss the most. The map could help you create a shape or idea for what you want in a logo.
  • You can also start by working with the initials of your church and then create something new from there. Your initials could be incorporated into your logo.

What Tools Can You Use?

You can use various online tools to help you create a logo, although you probably don’t need to use anything too excessive. Various online platforms can help you create a logo. Canva is a noteworthy choice, as it helps you work with different icons and illustrations to help you influence what you’ll create in a logo. Adobe Express also offers a simple design feature that is free to use, plus you don’t even have to provide a credit card for access.

Another idea is to write down your initial logo idea on paper and come up with some preliminary sketches. After gathering enough sketches, you can use an online platform of your choosing to find a design that works for you.


As you work to promote your church, you’ll have to review what you are getting from your logo and that it is inviting or interesting to everyone. A logo that provides interest and intrigue to potential worshipers will be ideal for your church.



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