Your Branded Church App

Bring your church closer to people with branded church app, powered by ChMeetings.
Custom branded app
Custom branded church App

Customize your church experience with a church app

Your own icon

Use your church logo as the app icon so people can easily identify you in app stores and on their phone.

Your church name as the app name

Rather than seeing the 'ChMeetings' name, people will see your church name.

Personalized login screen

People will see when creating and logging into their member accounts.

Church app store listing

This is separate from ChMeetings, and people can find you by searching for your app name.

Why choose a branded church app?

Stay connected to your church community with our recognized church app! Access sermons, events, giving, and more from anywhere. Download now and join us in growing together in faith.
Get recognized online
Build trust and engagement with your congregation through our church app. Communicate effectively, share resources, and create a sense of community that strengthens faith. Get started today and see the impact for yourself!
Build trust
Empower your congregation to contribute to your church's mission with our church app. Enable giving, signups, and event participation with just a few taps. Let's work together to make a difference!
Empower people to contribute
Facilitate community and care with our church app. Connect with others, share prayer requests, and access resources that help you grow in faith and support one another.
Facilate community and care
Make a positive impact on people's lives with our church app. Access resources, connect with others, and engage in meaningful ways that help you grow in faith and serve your community. Let's make a difference together!
Make people's lives better

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