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Church Administration Simplified With Easy To Use Church Management Software

Easy and professional application to organize members, events, follow-ups, and more. Our church management software is used in managing more than 2000 churches and ministries.

Effectively Track and Organize Members and Groups

Whatever your church size, ChMeetings helps you to effectively track and store groups and members’ data. Our advanced search feature allows you to easily access data and turn them into actionable reports at any time.

Communicate, Follow Up, Outreach

A great way to communicate with and follow up on old or new church members and groups. Quickly select members to send SMS, create follow up activities or add to groups.

Plan and Manage Church Events

Whether it’s a small church picnic or widely publicized mega service, ChMeetings church management software makes event planning a breeze. Create single or recurring events, assign roles and add notes to your events. In-built statistical reports help improve each meeting.

We’ll transfer your data for free

Whether you are coming from another church management system or you just have your data in spreadsheets, we’ll bring it into ChMeetings for you, at no extra cost, when you register for any paid plan. If you’d like to do it yourself, there are easy import tools that will set it all up for you in no-time.

GDPR-ready and secure

We are GDPR compliant in all perspectives and we make all efforts to ensure data security by privacy industry best standards & practices.

Church Management Software Features

Membership Management

Our platform empowers you to keep track of people with family information, photo directories and a filter feature. Enjoy control over your data and effective communication by easily sending emails & messages to anyone on the database.

Services & Groups

All data of your different services and ministries can be managed via our platform, with dynamic features including Events, Follow-ups, Calendars, Reports and more. You’ll know exactly who belongs to which group and you can easily communicate with them.

Events & Check In

Transform events administration by doing it all online. You can create registration forms, see who already submitted theirs and view attendance data of all events. Check-in is easy for leaders and members via the app.

Contributions and Online Giving

Offer your members an easy option to manage their contributions and event fees. Payments are done online; the transactions can automatically be stored as part of your financial data and you can generate up to date reports.

Member Access

Make sure your members’ data stays up to date by giving them access to their profiles. They can change personal details, receive push notifications and view event details. Church leaders stay in control because you manage what exactly they can view or edit.

Access Restrictions

We respect your need for managing legal, security, privacy and confidentiality aspects of your data & we make it easy for you to do so. With account restriction settings you have total control over which data individuals can view, edit, or use.

Security is Our Priority

We know the importance of cyber security and that’s why we invest in state-of-the-art security features and firewall technology. No matter what device you access data from, it will be secure.

Professional Cloud Hosting

Our church management software uses the latest technology and hosting options are used to your benefit. Dedicated cloud resources ensure the necessary speed when you want to access information fast. Cloud hosting also enables access to data at any time, from anywhere.

Daily Backup

Your data is an important asset of your congregation and you can’t risk losing it. With us there’s no chance of it being incomplete or getting lost when disaster strikes at your office, because we keep it secure with our daily backups.

Professional Support

We understand the importance of minimal downtime when it comes to managing a congregation. That’s why you get access to experts whenever you need assistance and you can connect with our team via phone, email, or live chat on our website.


ChMeetings is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Danish, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, and Arabic. We continuously work with volunteers to support more languages. Please get in touch if you would like to contribute to adding yours.

Access on All Devices

You’ll get the best outcome if church leaders and members have easy access to data. For this reason, we make sure you can utilize features on computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. Our church management software supports both iOS and Android operating systems.

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