Fun games for women's groups

6 Fun Games For Women’s Ministry

It’s important for the members of a women’s ministry to be open with one another. Women can talk with each other about their needs and concerns, and they can share their innermost thoughts. A good icebreaker can help women be more open, and one thing that can help women in the ministry get there is to enjoy some games.

Games are great to play in a women’s ministry because they are not only fun but are also made to encourage communication among women. It’s essential for the communications women have with one another to be genuine while encouraging a safe and positive environment.

Starter Games

You can find many great games for a women’s ministry today. Here’s a look at some of the best choices.

1- Two Truths and a Lie

The game of two truths and a lie is a game that lets women talk about themselves and share things that are important to their lives. It also gives women an opportunity to have some fun talking about their interests. In many cases, women might discover that they have more in common with each other than they realize when playing this game.

In two truths and a lie, each woman will state three things about herself, with one of those things being a fib. The other women will have to figure out which things are right and which are wrong.

This game is suitable for women 18 and older, as it’s often easier for women to understand what they should and shouldn’t say about themselves when they mature a little more.

Blindfold games

2- Blindfold Game

This next game is suitable for women ages 10 and up. It’s easier for older people to play this game than kids because it requires extra attention. People can pay close attention to who’s talking during this game.

In the blindfold game, one person wears a blindfold and has to identify where someone’s voice is coming from. The person will then try to sense the voice and walk over to where it is coming from. This game requires concentration while everyone else is quiet.

It can be fun to watch someone try to find where one is going while wearing a blindfold, but this game is about more than just finding one’s way. The game is also about establishing trust among people. A person can use one’s voice to show they are somewhere, and the one wearing the blindfold can move over to that spot as a sign of trust in that one person’s readiness to be there.


Balloon Blowing games

3- Balloon Blowing

Balloon blowing is a game for women 13 and older, as it entails working hard to blow into a balloon. This game allows women to get together to show encouragement to one another as they look to see how well people can blow balloons.

In this game, each person gets about ten breaths to blow a balloon and see how big it can get. The women in your group can get together and cheer each other on to see which person can do the most with a balloon. This feature is particularly appealing because it helps all women get together to support each other.

Bible-Oriented Games

4- Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a game suitable for women of all ages, although it is best for women 13 or older when you look at the way how this hunt is played. In a scavenger hunt, you can mention a particular Bible verse and see if people can find things in the church building that are reflective of that verse. The people who can find items that are the most representative of the verse will be the winner.

For this game, you’d have to choose Bible verses that relate to actual items or concepts that people can find in today’s world. Be reasonable when figuring out what you’re trying to include in the quotes you use.

Everyone should also have a small piece of paper to help them see what they should look for. You can include a Bible verse on that paper or a few things that reference that verse. The things you write down here should be easy for participants to figure out when playing this game.


Guess the Grain

5- Guess the Grain

The Bible includes stories about various grains, and a game of Guess the Grain can be a fun one to try. This game is suitable for women of all ages, as it entails people guessing what grain is in a bag.

You can take an opaque bag and put some grains in it. Each person can then take turns trying to guess what grain is inside the bag. Whoever can guess the right grains is the winner. This game can also involve various grains like wheat, barley, and maize.

6- Charades

The last game to explore is charades, a game suitable for women of all ages. The game involves having people guess what you are trying to say based on whatever gestures you’re trying to share.

A church group can have a Bible-themed version of charades where everyone tries to play out different quotes or events featured in the Bible. You can also play charades to try to get people to guess which figures in the Bible you are portraying. Everyone can create their twists on charades, so look at what you want to get from your game.

What Games Are You Looking For?

Remember when planning games for a women’s ministry that you’re looking carefully at what might work. You’ll find many fun games for women in various age groups to enjoy, but be sure everything you plan will work out right and you have a good idea of whatever games you want to host.

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