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How To Create An Instagram Page For Your Church

Instagram is a valuable social media platform that your church can use to get the word out about everything you’re doing. Instagram has tens of millions of users and offers a useful interface that is easy to spot on desktops and mobile devices.

You can create an Instagram page for your church to help your church become more visible online. The process for getting an Instagram page ready is necessary to explore, but it’s easier to plan than you might expect.

Should a Church Have an Instagram Account?

Before we discuss how to create a church Instagram page, let’s consider the benefits of getting on Instagram. Instagram is a smart social media site for your church, as it can do more than show pictures or short videos of your masses.

Instagram is worthwhile for many reasons:

  • You can use Instagram if you’re aiming to reach younger audiences. Younger people are more likely to use Instagram than older ones, so, it helps to open an Instagram page if you haven’t done so already.
  • You can produce a stronger sense of community when you get a new Instagram page ready. Not only are you reaching more people, but you’re also making your community feel respected and desired.
  • It’s easy to build positive relationships with your church members through Instagram. You can share your work well while being authentic in everything you share.
  • Your outreach efforts will also be easy to manage when you have an Instagram account. You can highlight upcoming events and preview what you’re doing in your church through your posts.

These factors are excellent reasons why an Instagram page is desirable for your church. You will appreciate the many ways how your Instagram page can make your church visible while helping you reach more people.

Instagram Page For Your Church

How Do You Create Your Instagram Page For Your Church?

The reasons for getting an Instagram page for your church are great, but now it’s time to look at how you’ll create your page. Here are some steps for how you can get a new page ready:

Sign up to use Instagram

1- Sign up to use Instagram.

You can visit the Instagram website and get your page ready in moments. We recommend you create a business account, as it gives you additional analytics features. You can use these to review who is coming to your page and how people are interacting with your messages.

Create Instgram account

2- Create a suitable name for your Instagram handle.

Your Instagram handle can include anything you want, but make sure it’s something suitable. The handle can feature the name of your church, its location, or even the denomination. The name you use will go into the URL of your Instagram page, so be careful when choosing something.

3- Link your Instagram account to whatever other social media accounts you have.

Since Instagram is owned by Meta, that means you can connect your new page to any Facebook accounts you have. You can use this if you want to share info between both pages.

You can also keep from linking your accounts if you want to keep each page unique.

Church Instagram bio

4- Write a church bio.

The bio is the first thing people will see when loading your Instagram page. The bio is a 150-word listing that includes a description of your church. You can list your mission statement, your service hours, and contact info in your bio. You can also add a link to your church’s website if you prefer.

Church Instagram profile photo


5- Include a profile photo.

A profile photo will go next to your bio. The image can include your church’s logo. But anything you provide should be descriptive of your church while also being of quality resolution.

Church Instagram posts

6- You can then create posts on your page.

After getting your Instagram page set up, you can create posts about what’s going on in your church. You’ll select a photo or video and then enter in a description for the post.

You can plan posts on upcoming services, details on special events, and anything related to your church on your page. Feel free to be as creative as you want when getting these posts ready.

Remember when creating your Instagram posts that you’re planning suitable messages that are interesting to your visitors. Your messages should make your work interesting and exciting, encouraging people to come to your church.

How Can You Use Instagram For Your Church?

Now that you know how to get your Instagram page ready for your church, you can start working on getting the page ready. Social media is a necessity for improving your reach, and Instagram is one part of what you can utilize.

You can do many things with an Instagram account:

  • You can provide features of your church leaders. Your posts can include photos and descriptions of each leader, highlighting what they offer.
  • You can also promote volunteer activities and other church events through your account.
  • The types of video content you can plan on your Instagram page can be extensive. You can produce content like clips of sermons, handheld videos showing what happens behind the scenes, and special messages to people.
  • The story feature on Instagram lets you connect multiple posts together in one grouping. You can use this feature if you’ve got plenty of similar posts you want to link together.
  • Some posts can be instructional ones where you can talk to people about using Biblical concepts to manage many things in your daily life.

Church Instagram posts examples

A Final Word

It is exciting to see how Instagram can help you get more people to become interested in your church. Instagram offers a simple layout that is easy to run and use and can be very convenient for various purposes. But be sure when getting your Instagram page ready that you know what you’re getting out of the work and that you’ve got a plan for posting things.

Remember when planning your Instagram page for your church that you have a good plan for creating something that works. Your work in producing a quality Instagram page is essential in creating a positive approach to highlighting your church’s work.

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