The confessions management program contains many advantages and details that help the fathers in following-up their people (confessors).

Managing members’ data (confessors)

  • You can add/edit members’ data either the private data (member image, address data which have been linked to Google Maps,….), or contact data (Mobile, Facebook, email, …), also the work and qualification data, education data, and spiritual data.
  • You can add any notes to the confessor as a reminder to facilitate the follow-up, with the possibility to add a special note that couldn’t be seen by any servant except the Father Priest.
  • The advanced search feature in all members data, with the possibility of saving search results as a report that could be reused later.
  • You can also send a text message to mobile phones or export data to Excel file.
  • Use Quick Search for any member (which could be reached from the toolbar while using any page in the program), and you can view all the member’s data such as (personal data, appointments of confessions, spiritual exercises, visiting, notes etc.)
  • The possibility of inserting members’ data using Excel files to the program from the member’s page and the program will help you to detect any problems in the data to ensure that data entered correctly, and we can help you for free to import data from other programs if possible.


  • The possibility of creating different groups and defining the name and description of each group (e.g. in need of permanent follow-up, difficult problems, etc.), and assigning specific members (servants) for such groups to facilitate the management and follow-up of these groups.
  • Also you can tag groups for easy access; some Fathers use tags such as (traveling, unable to attend, incomplete data).
  • You can search and make group-based reports.
  • You can move members from one group to another easily.

Spiritual exercises

  • Special boxes have been added for spiritual exercises that the priest’s father could give to the confessors.
  • You can prepare a predefined list of spiritual exercises that you would like to train church members on (such as the training of Jesus’ prayer 3 times a day, 5 times metania (kneeling) for each time lying or cursing, or reducing the use of the internet, and so on …). This is through adding  training while inserting the time of the confession, and following-up with the member later on his efforts in these spiritual exercises.


  • The priest’s father can display the confession data of any member such as (the first date of confession, the last date of confession, the number of times of confessions).
  • You can also add the day as the date of confession for this member, with adding some spiritual exercises, or some notes (if you like), for later follow-up and visit.


  • You can add “Follow-up” to the Confessors with some notes, and also choose how to hold follow-ups, such as (call, message or visit). You can also get a report on those who have not been followed up since a while.


There are three types of reports:

  1. General reports, contain the most useful data (such as birthdays, anniversaries, confessions, follow-ups, deceased, …).
  2. Statistical reports, contain some analytical reports that help you to know the following:
  • Geographic distribution of the confessors.
  • Attendance rate of the confessors that recognized over the years or months and to know the months of the most or less attendance.
  • The rate of new confessors added to your service to track the growth of the service.

3. Reports created through the advanced search for members;  where you can simply create a new report and save it in the list of reports and reuse it later easily. For Example:

  • Youth from the age of 18-22 and residing in Heliopolis.
  • Confessors  who did not attend for 100 days, young people, and are in the group of difficult problems.


  • A summary page has been added at the beginning of the program showing (this month’s birthdays, this month’s marriage, the names of the confessors this month …), its importance is to make data be always clear to the Father to facilitate follow-ups.
  • You can export any report to an Excel file or send a text message to members in the report results.


  • Public calendar page, which allows you to easily follow events in a fixed time, as a result, in one place (birthdays, …).

Users and powers

  • The feature of “assistants’ power control”, applied to the server or secretary, who can assist the Father in entering data or attendance of the confessors or scheduling appointments. Assistants has rights to only access specific data and can’t do the follows:
  • They cannot access the confession data (priest’s remarks or spiritual exercises, …).
  • They cannot (add / edit / delete) a group.

Waiting list

The “Waiting List” feature has been added. This feature can be used by the Fathers who have a secretary to arrange the entry of the confessor or to schedule subsequent appointments.