About us Who are we!

About us

We are a software company working since 2011 aiming to increase the awareness about the importance of information technology applications in the area of church service. We have several contributions in the religious field like:

  • Christianitplanet.com website: (owned by us): its aim is to help servants in finding material to use in the service like programs , songs , hymns , etc
  • Anba-Abraam.com (father Daoud Lamei): is the official website for the Anba Abraam Service for Slum areas.
  • Chmeetings website: is the result of the collaboration of a group of servants aiming to improve the management of church meetings and to help the fathers of confession in their service. The system allows the servant to save all the information regarding the members with the ability to create reports to help him in the service. The fees of the system are very cheap as service to the church.

Our Philosophy

Our aim is to introduce advanced information technology applications in the area of church service emerging from the belief that everyone has a role in improving the service in his area of expertise. The company believes in the importance of continuous development of the team and therefore, the team spends part of their time in research and development.

Our Team

The team is composed of a group of young developers who loves the service as much as they love their work. They are responsible for the company different projects. The team works with the latest technologies as a result of the research and development policy adopted by the company