12 Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

Have your wedding scheduled soon? No worries! We got you back with the best decoration ideas that will blow your mind. We know this day comes once in a lifetime and we ought to help you embrace every single moment. 

No matter your preferences, this guide will look at various church wedding decorations to suit different styles and tastes. Your wedding day will therefore be as meaningful and gorgeous as it can be. 

Floral Decorations

Altar Arrangements

Altar Arrangements

Floral decorations are timeless and make for an elegant add-on with a touch of nature’s beauty to your wedding ceremony. Some sought-after altar arrangements include:

  • White Hydrangeas and Greenery: This pairing is at its best to create a traditional and classy setting. Hydrangeas, being full-headed florals, paired with healthy greenery, create a classy and calm effect.
  • Urns Overflowing with Flowers: Huge ornate urns overflowing with flowers of the season could add an element of classic glamour and grace to the altar. This decoration appeals to big cathedrals and small chapels alike.

Pew Decorations

You can design a beautiful pathway for the bride and groom with enhancements on the pews. Some ideas here include:

  • Floral Bouquets: Small, elegant bouquets attached to pews can bring color and fragrance to the ceremony. Pick flowers that align with your overall wedding color scheme.
  • Garlands and Ribbon Ties: This can be as basic as garlanding the pews with green or floral garlands, then finishing them off with ribbon ties in a color that coordinates with your wedding palette.

Entryway and Aisle Decorations

Make a dramatic entrance with:

  • Floral Arches: Create a romantic entranceway with this floral arch. Not only does it frame the entrance prettily, but it is sure to capture lovely photos.
  • Petal-Strewn Aisles: This is an ultimate romantic touch that can be created right up to the altar using rose petals or any other flowers that would blend well with your color scheme.

Lighting and Ambiance

Candles and Candle Holders

Lighting forms the most vital aspect of setting the tone for any wedding ceremony:

  • Lanterns and Candelabras: Lining the runway or altar with lanterns exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere, while candelabras speak sophistication and elegance, whether modern or vintage.
  • Votive Candles: The uncomplicated yet effective votive candles produce ambient light that will line aisles, windowsills, or the altar, softly lighting surroundings to bring a touch of romance.

String Lights and Fairy Lights

Add a whimsical touch with:

  • Across Ceilings: This draping of string lights or fairy lights across the ceiling can represent a starry night effect and add much magic to the feel of the church.
  • Around Altars: String lights will wrap around the altar or any other point of focus, outlining it with a soft, enchanting light.

Chandeliers and Hanging Lights

  • Crystal Chandeliers: Very classy and timeless as they can bring a touch of luxury to any type of church wedding. They work mainly in larger venues with high ceilings.
  • Hanging lamps: Made of metal or wood, they can add a quaint rustic touch to that vintage or rustic-themed wedding.

Fabrics and Drapery

Aisle Runners

Aisle Decorations

Personalize your aisle with

  • Custom Printed Runners: Showing the names, dates, and quotes that matter.
  • Floral Designs: Floral aisle runners add color and sophistication by blending with the decor.

Altar Backdrops

Dress up the altar with:

  • Sheer Fabrics: A soft, luminous look that adds depth and sophistication to the altar.
  • Velvety or satiny fabrics: They can be used to create luxurious drapes at the altar, bringing in an air of sophistication and depth.

Pew Bows and Sashes

Some simple additions that make the most impact:

  • Satin Bows The satin bows are classic and elegant when tied to the pews, thereby giving them a tinge of luxury.
  • Organza Sashes: Light and airy, organza sashes in your wedding colors can lend a delicate touch of romance to the pews.

Personal Touches: Distinctive and Intimate

Custom Signs and Banners

Bring this wedding home by adding:

  • Handmade Centerpieces: Creative centerpieces, such as books and handmade flower arrangements can make the tables different. This can be an enjoyable task and it will save money.
  • Bible Verses: It adds a spiritual tone to the ceremony through meaningful Bible verses as a part of the decal.

Themed Decals

Reflect your taste with:

  • Rustic Themes: Wood, burlap, lace—these belie a warm rustic ambiance. Entertain such things as wooden crates, barrels, and vintage-looking metal-handled lanterns.
  • Vintage Themes: For that nostalgic feeling and a touch of class, antique pieces go best with soft colors. Very common vintage decor includes old books, lace tablecloths, and antique fine chinaware.
  • Modern Themes: Lean, comedic lines and minimalistic designs create a smooth, modern look. Geometric shapes, metallic accents, and simple yet elegant flowers are some additional elements that can be added.

Seasonal Decoration

Bring the feel of the season to your decorations.

  • Winter Wonderland: Blues, whites, along with silver accents can give an icy winter wonderland theme. Consider using some faux snow with silver branches and white-colored flowers.
  • Spring Blooms: Pastel colors with fresh flowers are perfect for a spring wedding. Elements that incorporate cherry blossoms, tulips, or even daffodils can make a nice addition.

A perfectly chosen church wedding decoration can definitely set the mood for the ceremony. 

Wedding planning can be rough, but once you decide on the theme, it all will follow. Just make sure to reflect your style and include elements meaningful to you and your partner.

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