Easter Sunday 2024

All About Easter – When Is Easter 2024?

Easter Sunday is one of the most exciting days in the church calendar each year. It is the day when Jesus rose from the dead and is a time of grand celebration and rejoicing. This biblical moment alongside the longer days, warmer temperatures, and blooming trees and flowers symbolize the world beginning anew after a cold and dormant winter season.

When Is Easter 2024?

Easter Sunday will occur on March 31, 2024. The date will be different each year. For example, in 2025 Easter Sunday will be on April 20, and then it will be on April 5 in 2026 and March 28 in 2027.

Is Easter Sunday a Public Holiday?

Easter Sunday is not a public holiday, especially since many businesses and services are already closed on Sundays. But, since there are so many people of the Christian faith that celebrate it each year, Easter Sunday is often a day that many people will take off from work. Various stores, dining spots, and other retail spaces that might usually be open on Sundays might be closed on Easter Sunday. While it may not be a public holiday, enough people follow Easter Sunday to where it feels like one.

Why Does the Date For Easter Change?

The date for Easter Sunday changes yearly because it is based on a lunisolar calendar. The calendar operates on the moon’s phases and where the sun appears in the sky.

The general rule for Easter Sunday is that it occurs on the first Sunday after the full moon occurring on or after the spring equinox, the time when the spring season begins.

For 2024, the spring equinox is at 11 pm on March 19, and the next full moon after that is on March 25. Therefore, Easter Sunday will be on March 31, the Sunday following that full moon.

The Easter Holiday on the Christian Holy Week

One reason why Easter Sunday is such an important time is that it is the culmination of the Christian Holy Week. This week occurs between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday and covers the legacy of Jesus. The week starts with the commemoration of Jesus’ return to Jerusalem, the start of the Eucharist, the death of Jesus, his burial, and his resurrection on Easter Sunday. The events during the Holy Week are essential to the Christian faith.

Easter egg hunt 2024

What Do People Do on Easter Sunday?

Christians often engage in various celebrations on Easter Sunday. The Easter egg tradition is one of the most common ones that people participate in. People will paint eggs in many colors and patterns to celebrate the event, with red often symbolizing the blood that Jesus shed on the cross.

The egg is a common symbol of Easter Sunday because it symbolizes new life and hope. Like how Jesus rose from the tomb, the egg has new life coming from its shell. The egg is a prominent feature in many Easter celebrations, including Easter egg hunts and the annual Easter egg roll held outside the White House.

The rabbit also symbolizes the holiday, highlighting fertility and the ability of a new world to be born again. This point has prompted many people to have rabbit-shaped chocolates, cakes, and other foods for the holiday.

A traditional ham dinner is also something people partake in every Easter Sunday. Ham has long been a traditional meal for Easter because ham was one of the more accessible meats available for the season during the early days of the Christian faith.

6 Activities People Can Enjoy on Easter

While there are many great traditions people can partake in every Easter Sunday, people can also enjoy various other activities for this occasion. Here are some of the more prominent activities people can experience:

  • Church celebrations occur throughout the Easter holiday season, including special weekend masses and performances. Easter masses are among the most popular throughout the year, with many of them even being rebroadcast or streamed through different methods.
  • Easter egg hunts often take place during the Easter holiday. These hunts are a time for people to get together and enjoy the warmer weather while the eggs kids search for continue to symbolize the new season.
  • People can also enjoy physical activity events on Easter, including community run and walk events. Many churches will hold these activities on Easter to celebrate the comfortable weather that is coming about.
  • A brunch can bring people together to enjoy a traditional Easter meal with ham and various vegetables.
  • Easter egg decorating is also a fun experience. People can paint their eggs in whatever colors they wish, plus they can add fun messages to their eggs.
  • Baking activities are also common, as people like to make cookies for the season. One popular activity involves baking sugar cookies and decorating them with various Easter-themed accents. People especially enjoy sharing their creations with others as a symbol of friendship and togetherness.

The assortment of activities people can enjoy for Easter Sunday are diverse and cover many interests. You can consider any of these activities for the holiday to express your faith and appreciation for the coming season.


Easter Sunday is a special day in the Christian calendar. The activities people participate in are storied in tradition, as is the timing for when the holiday occurs. While it may not be a public holiday, the occasion is a heavily respected one that people worldwide honor enough to where it feels like a holiday.

You can find many fun things to do for the Easter Sunday holiday, so look around to see what interests you the most. You may find this holiday one of the most memorable times for everyone in the family to enjoy each year.

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