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Trusted by over 5000 churches and ministries

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Why Should You Choose ChMeetings?

We’ll Transfer Your Data For Free

If you subscribe to any paid plan, we’ll import your data for free into ChMeetings, no matter where you have it now. If you want to do it yourself, we have the tools to help you set your account up quickly and easily.

GDPR-Ready And Secure

ChMeetings applies industry best practices and standards to ensure data security, including SSL, daily encrypted backups, granular user permissions, and more. We are also GDPR-compliant and certified within the EU Data Privacy Framework.

Available In Your Language

ChMeetings is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Portuguese, and more! We continuously work with volunteers to support more languages. If your language is not supported yet, contact us to add it.

Mobile App For Admins And Members

Everyone at church can use ChMeetings on the go, using our mobile app, for Android and iOS. The app allows all admins and members to stay tuned, send or receive notifications and messages, view, manage or register for events, and more, all according to their roles.

Help your church simplify and streamline

  • Easily create, track, and manage individual and family profiles;
  • Utilize bulk operations for efficient management and communication, with built-in messaging tools;
  • Quickly generate and print your church directory.
  • Create people groups and assign group leaders;
  • Communicate with groups via email, text, or push notification.
  • Organize free or paid events and share event Calendars;
  • Track attendance for individuals and families, including using child check-in;
  • Gain insight from ready-made event reports.
  • Collect giving online and offline, from individuals or organizations;
  • Encourage generosity with Pledge Campaigns;
  • Generate and send statements.
  • Create roles and assign volunteers, or let them assign themselves using a signup sheet;
  • Send schedules and reminders;
  • Communicate with volunteers via email, SMS, or push notifications.
  • Create Service Plans for more efficient event organization;
  • Add Scripture, Songs, Notes, and other content to your plans;
  • Print and share Service Plans to keep everyone in sync.
  • Track accounts along with income and expense streams;
  • Create and monitor budgets;
  • Generate insightful reports on your financial standing.

The #1 Choice Of Church Leaders


4.8 out of 5.0 (Based on 500+ reviews)

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People Management

Event Registration

Member Portal

Volunteer Scheduling

Track Attendance


Mobile App

Online Giving

Track Contributions

Service Planning


Follow Ups




Free Migration

Multiple Languages

Data Management Tools

People Profiles

Ability to send texts, emails and push notifications

Open access and ticketed events

Insightful, actionable reports

Custom forms for data collection

Unlimited memberships for your congregation

Contributions collection, online and offline

Free migration

Multiple languages

Data management tools

People profiles

Ability to send texts, emails and push notifications

Open access and ticketed events

Insightful, actionable reports

Custom forms for data collection

Unlimited memberships for your congregation

Contributions collection, online and offline


Please click here for details about the differences between free and paid accounts.

If you’re a large church that has been paying high fees for software, you may wonder why our fees are so much lower. The reason is simple: Our technology allows us to reduce costs. We host our product in the cloud, and we have built it in a way that reduces the efforts we need to make to maintain and update it. Server space and resource consumption are some of our most significant expenses, which is why our plans are based on the number of people – meaning the amount of server space and resources you consume with your account. We’ve basically optimized many aspects of our business and product in a way that leverages technology and human resources to meet our own needs, while making our software affordable for churches.

If you’re a smaller church, you might find our prices a bit high. ChMeetings is, in fact, one of the most (if not the most) affordable church management platforms on the market. While we strive to serve as many churches as possible, sometimes we need to make sure that our business is sustainable, so that we’re able to serve you in the long term. Providing great value for money does involve expenses. For example, implementing your suggested features quickly and with good quality requires efforts from our team; and the same is the case for our widely recognized amazing customer service. Our technology infrastructure also requires financial resources to acquire and maintain – both necessary processes in the functioning of a reliable software product. We acknowledge that some churches may not be able to afford dedicated software, which is why we continue to provide a free plan. Our hope is that this way, we can give back to the incredible church community we’re part of and we can contribute to its growth.

Yes, data migration is completely free if you subscribe to any of our paid plans. The service is not
free for users of our free plans. We do this for you for three simple reasons:

  1. Our team has the technical tools and know-how in order to do this very quickly, so we save you time while not consuming so much of our own.
  2. We want you to have a great experience with ChMeetings, so it makes sense for us to help set you up for success from the very beginning.
  3.  We hope to have you with us for the long run, and this is part of our efforts to meet your needs, as one of our valued customers.

The data import process involves 5 simple steps and you can click here
to find out exactly how it works.

Yes, there are two features which require extra costs:

  • Voice Messages and Text Messaging cost extra if you use ChMeetings to initiate them. Here is
    how to buy a package
    . You can send voice or text messages at no cost with ChMeetings if
    you initiate them via your own phone plan. If you integrate with Twilio, you will only pay
    with Twilio, not with us. You can choose whichever option you prefer, there are no
  • The Branded Church App, If you want to have your own, custom branded church app, it
    will be an addon to your plan and will come at an extra cost. Please see our Church App page for further

We do not charge you for using integrated services (e.g. PayPal, Stripe or MailChimp), but you may
be charged by these third party providers for their own services. There are no hidden fees within

There are three types of people you can store within your ChMeetings account:

  • Active people: Visible within your People module.
  • Archived people: Visible through the Archived People report. They can be restored to
    the People module anytime, as long as you have not reached your plan limit.
  • Deleted people: Visible through the Deleted People report. These can be restored
    within 30 days from deletion, if you have not reached your plan limit. Deleted people are
    permanently removed after 30 days.

Only active people count towards your plan.

  • If you archive or delete a person, your number of active people will decrease.
  • When you add someone new or restore someone you have previously archived or deleted, then
    your number of active people will increase.
  • If you reach your plan limit and want to add or restore someone previously archived/deleted,
    then you need to either archive/delete another active person or to upgrade to a superior

ChMeetings does not charge any fees for the donations you collect via our
– no matter your collection method – online or offline. If you opt to use our
online giving features, you will only be charged by the payment processor you choose: either PayPal
or Stripe. Please check with your selected processor for details on their specific fees.

 Times change, so we cannot promise that our prices will not increase. However, our goal is to provide churches with the most value that we can achieve, for an affordable price. So, what we can promise is that even if prices may increase sometime in the future, they will stay affordable and the value you get for the price will also increase.

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