Application for church management.

The church management program contains many features and details that help the servant in the meeting organization and following-up the members.

Manage the data of members and servants

  • You can add/edit members’ data, either the private data (member image, address data which have been linked to Google Maps,….), or contact data (Mobile, Facebook, email, …), also the work and qualification data, education data, and spiritual data.
  • Advanced search feature in all members data, with the possibility of saving search results as a report that could be reused later.
  • You can also send text messages to the mobile phones or export data to Excel file.
  • Use the Quick Search feature for any member (which could be reached from the toolbar while using any page in the program), and you can view all member’s data such as (personal data, following up and visiting, notes,… etc.).
  • The possibility of importing members’ data using Excel files to the program from the members page, and the program will help you to detect any problems in the data to ensure that data entered correctly, and we can help you freely to enter data from other programs if possible.
  • You can easily created saved searchs and open it quickly any time For Example:
    • Youth from the age of 18-22 and residing in your area.
    • Members  who did not attend for 100 days, young people, and are in a specific group.


  • The possibility of creating different groups and identifying a (name, description, and a servant) for each group (for example, follow-ups group, hymns group, trips group, servants responsible for data entry … etc). Then you can add some members to any of these groups, that should makes the following up for the groups easier.
  • If you are responsible for more than one meeting or Sunday school classes (e.g. first, second, and third preliminary), groups could be used to manage your service, to conduct independent or public meetings, with ease of knowing absences in each specific group.
  • Also you can make tags for these groups for easy access; some servants use tags such as (on travel, unable to attend, incomplete data).
  • You can search and make group-based reports.
  • You can move members from one group to another group easily.


  • The events and details could be easily added, using the result form (calendar) or to be displayed as a data list.
  • Attendance registration could be done quickly for the meeting members, either by using the mobile App or the computer.
  • The attendance and absence schedule could be obtained simply.
  • QR Attendance support
  • Easily import the attance of all past events.


  • You can add an “already done” note to the members follow-ups, with some other notes and details as [followed up servant, date and time of the follow-up, and the way of follow-up (call, message or visit)].
  • If you are the one who is responsible for the follow-ups service in the meeting, you can make a plan to do a follow-up to the meeting members in different ways and assign these plans to other servants. When the servant do the follow-up, he should mark “Done” on this task, so you can manage follow-ups easily.
  • You can also get a report of (those who have not been contacted since a while) and export it to Excel.
  • You can easily switch from displaying data on a spreadsheet to displaying it in a calendar, so as to easily see the appointments and distribute them on days and months.


There are two types of reports:

  1. General reports, which contain the most useful reports such as (birthdays, attendance, follow-ups …).
  2. Statistical reports, which contain some analytical reports that help you to know the following:
  • Geographical distribution of the church members.
  • Attendance rate for meetings during years or months and also the months of the most or less attendance.
  • The rate of new members who joined your service to track the service growth.


Need to explain the dashboard



  • Calendar page, allows you to easily follow all the important events on a calendar view, like (birthdays, follow ups and meetings).


Users and permissions

You can easily setup the roles and permissions for users on each system component.


The application in general is easy customizable (Enable/Disable Modules) and also easy to customize the profile fields.

The application is available on Web, Android and iOS


Android :